DEAR MERCURY—So, I love the Mercury, but I must admit I don't love Matt Davis. I'm particularly annoyed with his little article on the Reed Shitstorm That Wouldn't Die ["Reed Students Mock the Holocaust," posted on Blogtown, Oct 15]. Firstly, saying that The Pamphlette's article was "accusing Lewis and Clark staff of 'rounding up and gassing all the Jews on their Portland, OR, campus'" is rather sensationalist, don't you think? Secondly, you claim that the article triggered "the most absurd round of hand wringing about whether or not The Pamphlette should be censored." Um no, actually. It didn't. There was no question as to whether The Pamphlette would be censored. Actually, Colin Diver (the president of Reed College), sent out an email to the entire student body saying that the administration does not censor student-funded publications, and would uphold that policy. No hand wringing involved. Reed has one misinformed sensationalist jackass out for its blood (smooches, James Pitkin!), it doesn't need another.

-Maggie G., Reed Alum '09


DEAR MERCURY—I just wanted to write a general "thanks" for being a local paper that basically pisses on the local artists by representing only about 10 percent of the hard-working musicians in the scene. Next time you start feeling high and mighty, remember that you're no better than MTV, and much worse for doing it willfully, and on a local level. By that, I mean catering to only current trends and dodging anything that resembles true musicianship. I'll literally shit my pants if you ever start to represent the local scene more widely, accurately, and start to write columns that not only try to make the reader feel like an idiot by showing them what you know and they don't, but go beyond that, get down off the high horse (or tall bike in this case) and provide real information about a band's sound and stage presence, etc. Now that I've written it, it seems like one of few ways you'd ever write a few decent music reviews... [is] by having someone shit their pants for it. 

-Gabe Rodriguez


DEAR EDITOR/SEAN BRESLIN—Your published article "Don't FedEx Your Pot" written by intern Sean Breslin is sensationalized, poorly reported, vague, and flat-out insulting [News, Oct 15]. I am a FedEx employee, though I am not particularly proud of the fact. I have worked with the company for three years, and have never once heard of an employee becoming "suspicious" about a customer's package just for its value. In actuality, his package probably just smelled like pot. We weren't born yesterday here at FedEx, though people treat us as if we were. Furthermore, if someone drops off a package and we toss it into its proper bin and we get a whiff of weed from it, that is the fault of the customer alone. Who just up and tries to ship pot across the country in a FedEx package and expects to get away with it? At least put it in a bag of coffee, or in 10 plastic bags inside of each other in a shampoo bottle! Anything other than dumping it into a package in a plastic baggie and expecting everyone at FedEx to turn a blind eye (or nose, rather) when it smells like a skunk sprayed the shipping area. The article was an immature way to have an excuse to talk about pot in print. I know Robert Stinnett probably feels like a chump for getting caught, and his ability to pay his lawyer bills is an extension of his ego, but I for one do not need yet another reason for customers at my job to treat me like shit. And from stoners everywhere, use your head and wrap your shit up in something concealing, n00b.

-Melissa Sneers

CONGRATULATIONS TO MELISSA for reminding all the potheads to employ the disguising powers of Vicks VapoRub/ground coffee/etc. to camouflage the dank stank of your crizzity chronic. Bravo: Two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where there is no need to conceal the smells.