DEAR MERCURY—In response to HipsterDouchesMustDie's comment in the June 17 Mercury ["EADIAF," Letters]: Hipsters are douches. They have cool pants and great ankles. Douches. Mounting evidence shows that hipsters are more attractive than you, so if you have a hipster in your presence, then you are 90 percent more likely to get laid—it's called "the hipster quotient." We agree that hipsters' sunglasses are annoyingly huge, but there is a lot we can learn from the douches. Blazers! Champs! 1977! Woo-hoo! To all hipsters and hipster haters, can we get a "Whoop! Whoop!?" Wait... You don't get to whoop. Ever heard of the name Maurice Lucas? Thought not. Douche.

-Mary "Rip City" O'Dell and Debb PDX


Even though you might think Portland is an open-minded community, you would be amazed at the gathering of evil people out to pummel someone in drag during gay pride weekend ["Parade-less in Portland," I, Anonymous, July 1]. It's sad to see such hatred in our city. It sucks more to hear from idiots who try to turn this into a joke, or make it look like someone is trying to win their "gay wings." Go out there sometime with your gay friends if you have any, especially in drag, and see how much compassion and understanding there are with some of the people who crawl out of the clubs in Portland. As far as the violence and stupidity that reeks from downtown during the weekends, you should understand that it is threefold for anyone in drag or hanging out with obviously gay mates.

-posted by kimmy47


Part of being a civic leader is building infrastructure for the future ["The Eight-Lane Option," News, July 1]. Pretending that 20 years from now a million people are going to use bikes to meet their daily needs isn't leadership. It's hallucinatory. Neglecting things your city actually needs in order to feed the fantasies of a delusional elite of wannabe urban planners is not leadership. We need officials at the city and Metro to deal with reality, not Sim City.

-posted by Blabby


One thing the article left out was the lovely breakfast served after the decadent cookies at 12:30 on Friday and Saturday nights ["Hungry Hungry Humpos," Feature, July 1]. There are eggs, bacon (which has been described as "orgasmic"), sausage, biscuits, hash browns, white sausage gravy, and plenty of fruit. Club Sesso is one of the friendliest places to not only hang out, enjoy a drink and a snack, but also have an intimate date where you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors or waking the kids. Some couples come to play with each other, others come to explore their sexuality in a safe environment. The really wonderful thing about Sesso is that everyone is very kind and nice.

-posted by TrumaryS


DEAR MERCURY—Thanks for another fantastic food issue ["The Kitchen Kama Sutra," Feature, July 1]. The one two years ago about hunger was really, really good, and so was last year's issue profiling 24 hours in the food service industry. This food/sex one isn't quite as awesomely awesome, but it's still awesome indeed. I'm glad you hired that Patrick Alan Coleman guy. And thanks for giving me a little painless trip down a memory lane littered with a few messy kitchen romances of my own. Chefs are nasty in all of the good and bad ways.

-Sara "Patrick's Mother" Bir

GOOD TO HEAR, Sara. I guess we'll let Patrick keep his job (for now). You, meanwhile, get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where getting jiggy with the food is recommended.