DEAR PORTLAND MERCURY—Hmmm... an article on the Scorpions playing a show this weekend in the Portland vicinity ["Hurricane of Change," Music, Aug 5]?  Take a look at what is happening at Dante's (August 12), less than a week following the Scorpions show: the Michael Schenker Group, with opening act Lynch Mob! FYI, Michael Schenker was a guitarist/songwriter in the 1970s incarnation of the Scorpions—who happened to rock FAR HARDER than the Hurricane referred to in the 1980s hit.  As a sort of punchline, let me say that the Michael Schenker Group kind of sucks, as does Lynch Mob—BUT the show probably costs less, it is at a small club in Portland, and it's likely that Michael Schenker still SHREDS.

-Dan Groth


Deposit = reasonable. Pet rent = insanity ["Petty Cash," I, Anonymous, Aug 5]. I am happy to offer a deposit on the premise that if my kind and gentle HOUSECAT causes damage to the property, I am financially responsible. However, charging rent for a pet is absolutely ridiculous. If I were paying $25 pet rent on my apartment, I would have given my landlord an extra $2,100 over the seven years of my residency, for a cat that has done NO damage. How could any sane, intelligent person justify this?

-posted by miss j on


"Do we finally have closure on the Chasse case?" ["Phoning it In," News, Aug 5] The answer to that is clear and obvious. Not only will the three pigs who murdered James Chasse—Chris Humphreys, Kyle Nice, and Bret Burton—NEVER be held CRIMINALLY liable for the sadistic beating death of Chasse, but they all STILL REMAIN COPS! How many tens of millions of dollars [have] been spent in this case—not just this final settlement, but prior settlements paid out by Multnomah County and [the] ambulance company that should've treated Chasse, the millions the city pissed away denying, stalling, and delaying this case for years? Hell forbid Johannes Mehserle were a Portland cop instead and had shot an innocent, handcuffed, unarmed citizen in the back point-blank on a MAX platform—that fucking pig would be walking around in uniform to this day! And as far as Mayor Sam Adams having strep throat—eh, I dunno. It's probably true. Timing was sure nice [on his part].

-posted by DamosA


DEAR MERCURY—Hello dear sir, my name is Milkkesh, and talking to the hiphop writer of the magazine, [Ryan] Feigh. So, do you like hiphop? When I came first to Oregon I was from Riga in Latvia. My friend Jesse shows me the Portland Mercury by the email and internet. I like hiphop in America and I listen to it not on the radio or "download" buying a CD and enjoying. Do you know "Cool Nutz" [Up & Coming, Aug 5]? Only once my friend made a grill cheese and only in America I've had while I read the paper when you wrote about a hiphop that I also listened. When I visit this next month for my birthday my friend Jesse will take to the show. I enjoy and respect the country and that you show what a true hiphop to others who do not know. Thank you and I love American hiphop music and thank you [Ryan] you are the hiphop from the paper when I read it and listen to "Cool Nutz" here. P.S. I am making a rap and maybe I send it to you because of the respect of your paper and thank you to you [Ryan] Feigh of the Mercury online I had read it and enjoy the music.


GLAD TO HAVE YOU reading, Milkkesh! Let us contribute to your next trip to Portland with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where hiphop is shown proper respect and they do things with cheese that will blow your mind.