Hey look! Someone sent an actual letter.


RE: "Death Warmed Over" [Feature, Sept 27], overviewing updated research on the effects of global warming in Oregon and beyond.

I'm not going to dispute global warming. I'm not even going to dispute that it's not helped by our CO2 emissions. I will dispute its consequences. I'll start by reminding everyone that we're in the middle of the ice ages. It's getting warmer, yes, but nothing like it has been for most of the Earth's existence. We don't know what's coming, but it's better to look at it as an adjustment to reality rather than to catastrophe. I'll bet we'll grow killer dope once this global warming gets going for real.

Johan Mathiesen

Doom and gloom pieces like this are important and appropriately terrifying. However, I also fear so much negativity can cause the "fuck it" reaction wherein folks go "guess we're fucked, so fuck it."

posted by wescoat

My only criticism is that you didn't hammer home more forcefully the consequences of human population size on all of this; any thoughtful person can infer it easily, but most people think they have a divine right to breed anyway, and that their children and grandchildren will surely have better lives than they did, by some magical process.

posted by JG Miller


RE: "The Perks of Being a Fan" [Film, Sept 27], a favorable review of the film adaptation of YA novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Okay, I haven't seen this movie yet, but I read the book when I was a teenager over a decade ago. And yes, it was great, but can we please, for the intellectual sanctity of womanhood, move on from apotheosizing this young-adult genre? Are there any women in this town who read real literature written for adults?

posted by Katie


RE: "Bike Business" [News, Sept 27], regarding a study that shows cyclists and pedestrians spend more money over time at bars, restaurants, and convenience stores than customers arriving by car.

When I didn't have a car, I didn't pay car insurance, a car payment, parking costs, the occasional ticket, and general car maintenance and repairs. Also, I didn't have kids back then, so not only was I awash in cash, but I also had time to spend it! Young people who live car-free are a huge stimulus to local business. The quicker the local business associations realize the value of young, car-free, child-free hipsters and roll out the red carpet for cyclists, the better off they'll be.

posted by Steve G


MERCPerry Mason no longer airs at noon. I was instead subjected to Rachael Ray on my sick day. Please send a journalist to KPTV and find out who is responsible for this sacrilege posthaste.

Doug Young

YEAH SURE, Mr. "Young," if that is your real name, we'll look into it. Just kidding. What do we look like, the senior citizen TV programming police? (Don't answer that.) What we will do is give you two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater where you can watch something a touch more contemporary.