I personally cannot imagine a better film synopsis than this one: Love Songs is a French musical about an ambisexual young couple and the hot girl they've invited to share their relationship. Julie (Ludivine Sagnier, AKA the foxy blonde girl from The Swimming Pool) and Ismaël (Louis Garrel, AKA the future father of my French babies) are having a three-way relationship with the carefree Alice (Clotilde Hesme). Julie and Ismaël struggle to balance jealousy and possessiveness against Alice's undeniable charms, while occasionally bursting into song against a moody Paris backdrop.

The musical numbers are irreverent and catchy and the audience is never asked to take them too seriously: One song, in which Julie chastises Ismaël for getting too attached to their third wheel, features the unforgettable line, "I smelled your fingers, swine/Where did they get that odd smell, it's definitely not mine." In the second act, things take a turn for the tragic, and what looked like a study of the mating patterns of Fashionable Young Things becomes, surprisingly, an exploration of how people cope with the death of a loved one. While this plot twist renders the movie much less sexy at first, things pick up steam again toward the end, as it turns out that even tragedy makes French people want to fuck.