BIG DIPPER Champagne waster.
Alexis Coram

IF YOU haven't already heard about filthy gay bear Chicago rapper Big Dipper, buckle up. Dude has made a name for himself in recent months rapping about big dicks, prison sex, orgies, and being versatile when it comes to bottoming (to name a few of the family-friendly topics he routinely explores in his songs). Having been named one of hiphop's "Queer Pioneers" by Details magazine, Big Dipper is on a tour-quest to "be elbow deep up in" America's "rump roast," and things are bound to get messy when Dipper busts our Portland cherry.

Deep breaths, boys. You can take it.

The rapper recently released his debut EP, They Ain't Ready, and a series of raunchy videos have followed, catapulting him from the downtown Chicago underground into the national gay mainstream almost overnight. When asked about his meteoric rise in recent months, Dipper says, "It's really all because of the internet. I love YouTube. I feel like I'm on the internet nonstop." (Now, go watch Big Dipper's videos for "Meat Quotient," "Summertime Realness," and "Drip Drop" immediately. You can thank me later.)

Big Dipper has only one piece of advice for those planning to attend his Puddletown debut: "Don't wear a lot of clothing to the show. I want everyone to dance the whole time, so we are all going to get pretty sweaty—and come give me a hug after!"