FASHION—The Mercury's 11th annual Open Season fashion series rages on! The next two nights feature not-to-be-missed installments by two of the city's best apparel minds: Reif today, and Adam Arnold tomorrow! Expect a full display of spring, fall, and year-round basic collections from Reif—and expect the unexpected from Arnold! MARJORIE SKINNER
Reif at Rontoms, 600 E Burnside, Wed 6 pm, $6-9; Adam Arnold at Canton Grill, 2610 SE 82nd, Thurs 6 pm, $6-9

MUSIC—Canadian band Purity Ring are touring their second album, Another Eternity, in which vocalist Megan James conjures dreamy imagery of sea castles, constellation lairs, and lullabies. The duo created a genre—future-pop—with their first album, and the singles from their sophomore effort keep with the band's original sound. SHELBY R. KING
w/Braids, Born Gold; Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 9 pm, $22 (scalper's choice), all ages


CEMETERY THEATER—By the pricking of my thumbs, Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's bloodiest, nastiest, most accursed plays, with witches and murder and the original Claire Underwood. So it's only right to see it performed in AN ACTUAL CEMETERY. You can do this tonight at Portland Actors Ensemble's Lone Fir Cemetery production... UNLESS YOU'RE TOO SCARED. MEGAN BURBANK
Lone Fir Cemetery, SE 26th & Washington, Thurs-Sat 7 pm, through July 25, FREE,

MUSIC—Mimicking Birds takes the stage. The Portland crowd does that thing where half the assholes in the back won't shut the fuck up. Mimicking Birds begins quietly, confidently, pouring their hearts out. Their volume never rises above "melodic lilt," but by the end of their set, nobody is talking. They're too busy being transfixed. BOBBY ROBERTS
w/Us Lights, Dogheart; Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $12-14


CIDER—For those seeking a less beery summertime quaff, the crisp, sometimes sweet/sometimes tart taste of cider is an increasingly interesting choice. The two-day Cider Summit Portland brings a diverse array of artisanal ciders from around the world for you to explore—don't forget your bus pass! MARJORIE SKINNER
The Fields Neighborhood Park, NW 10th & Overton, Fri 2-8 pm, Sat noon-6 pm, $30-35, for complete info

BIKE PROM—Remember boutonnieres? Ever think about corsages? You never got to appreciate them back in the day because your palms were sweaty and everyone was taking pictures and prom was the worst. NOT THIS TIME. Hit the florist ASAP. Any bloom will do on Pedalpalooza's yearly Dropout Prom Ride. Get fancy, Portland. DIRK VANDERHART
Ride starts at Colonel Summers Park, SE 20th & Belmont, 9 pm, FREE, all ages


ENGAGE—Kirk may have been more fun, but the Enterprise never saw a more competent, compassionate captain than Jean-Luc Picard. Pay tribute to that beautiful, bald, tea-drinking bastard at Captain Picard Day, featuring dozens of Picard-themed artworks, competing for hundreds of dollars in prizes, judged by the most discerning Trekkie in town, our own Erik Henriksen. BOBBY ROBERTS
Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch, 4-7:30 pm, FREE

MUSIC—One of the more talented people you'll hear on pop radio these days is Ed Sheeran—the 24-year-old Brit who's topped the charts with such acoustic-based jams as the Pharrell Williams-produced "Sing" and the fun "Don't" (as in "Don't fuck with my love"), which may be one of the more ear-buggy ginger raps you'll enjoy all year. Did I mention he's charming as get-out? WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
Moda Center, 1 Winning Way, 7:30 pm, $53.50-63.50, all ages


RIDE—We're in the halcyon days of urban biking this month. Grab your trusty steed for a car-less gallivant through Portland's northernmost stretches for this Father's Day version of Sunday Parkways. No cars means all wheelers and walkers rule supreme—you can even strap on roller skates to visit each of the park celebrations along this 9.5-mile route. COURTNEY FERGUSON
11 am-4 pm, FREE, all ages, for route

BEER & CHEESE—The best things ever, beer and cheese, come together to make you drunk and happy during the fourth annual Beer and Cheese Fest, which offers 10 beers paired with cheeses by Steve Jones of Cheese Bar. Plus you get complimentary charcuterie from Olympia Provisions and free chocolate from Woodblock Chocolate. Take your dad! SHELBY R. KING
The Commons Brewery, 630 SE Belmont, noon-5 pm, $35


MUSIC—Willis Earl Beal walked away from blog buzz and budding stardom to reinvent himself in isolation, a ways outside of Olympia, Washington. Now he's got an upcoming album on Tender Loving Empire, which boasts a continually evolving sound that incorporates somnambulant synths and Beal's otherworldly voice. NED LANNAMANN
w/Two Sheds, Yeah Great Fine; Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water, 9:30 pm, $10

FILM—You've been waiting for the next Pixar flick that works even better for adults than children, and it's here: Inside Out features the voice talents of Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, and Mindy Kaling, with a laugh-out-loud/cry-out-loud script that's also an extremely smart take on emotional development and the importance of all our feelings—yep, even the uncomfortable ones. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
Various theaters, see for showtimes


FILM—If you're sick of bloated blockbusters and dramas, the Hollywood Theatre has just what you need: a good old-fashioned Grindhouse Trailer Apocalypse! Featuring 35mm trailers from the '70s and '80s that run the gamut from exploitation to horror to revenge, this is one apocalypse that, according to the Hollywood's Dan Halsted, "is guaranteed to work the crowd into a mouth-foaming frenzy." ERIK HENRIKSEN
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, 7:30 pm, $8

BIKES—The next time someone tells you the war on cars is real, make them read Bike Battles, historian/bike-nerd James Longhurst's account of the many historical precedents for peacefully sharing the road (even English monarchs got it! Get on the king's level, wayward SUVs!). Longhurst's book tour (by bike!) comes to Portland today. Take a break from Pedalpalooza, and learn a thing or two! MEGAN BURBANK
Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW Park, noon, FREE, all ages