BIKE BALL—The Community Cycling Center is Portland's foremost bikey do-gooder, with programs that get bikes to needy kids and adults. And for the second year running, you've got a chance to contribute to the center's good work with dancing, drinks, music, and bikes. The swanky Bicycle Ball fundraiser pops off this evening. DIRK VANDERHART
w/the Swingtown Vipers; Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 6:30 pm, $7-10

SPORTS BALL—Everyone loves an underdog. Portland better love an underdog. That's what the Blazers are this year, especially up against perennial title contenders the San Antonio Spurs. Socking them (and that traitor LaMarcus Aldridge) in the mouth would feel real good this early in the basketball season. BOBBY ROBERTS
Moda Center, 1 Center Court, 7:30 pm, $30-410, all ages


MUSIC—The homespun songs of Micachu and the Shapes take familiar pop sounds and turn them inside out. Playing on homemade and unorthodox instruments, the London group's experimental folk shambling is music you can dance to—raw, rambunctious, and tons of fun. NED LANNAMANN
w/Aan; Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 7:30 pm, $12-14

FILM—One of the great romantic tales of our lifetime doesn't take place on an English moor or even in New York City, but in the grimy kung-fu theaters of Detroit, the stoner couches of Los Angeles, and ultimately, Cancun. True Romance does love and violence like nothing else, and it's been too long since you've revisited the 1993 classic. MARJORIE SKINNER
Laurelhurst Theater, 2735 E Burnside, 9:35pm, $4


NERD CONVENTION—Attention, Twin Peaks nerds! Ready your coffee mug and cue some mournful synthesizers, because Bobby Briggs, Audrey Horne... and LAURA PALMER HERSELF will all be at this weekend's Living Dead Horror Convention. Plus! Panels on monsters, forgotten slasher flicks, and horror-comedies. At last! That gum you like is coming back in style! MEGAN BURBANK
Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE MLK, Fri 4-11 pm, Sat 11 am-11 pm, Sun 11 am-5 pm, $25-40

COMEDY—Comedian Eugene Mirman uses his new comedy-album trailer to ask himself, "Why are you releasing something as long as everything that Creedence Clearwater has ever done?" I'm Sorry (You're Welcome) is indeed redonk, with seven LPs full of meditation sounds, 195 orgasm noises, and copious crying. Oh, and some great stand-up! COURTNEY FERGUSON
w/Derrick Brown, Josie Long; Newmark Theatre, 1111 SW Broadway, 8 pm, $24, all ages


TALK SHOW—The always entertaining Late Night Action with Alex Falcone returns with another live chat show, and this one is a humdinger! Joining the hilarious Alex and Bri Pruett (both Merc contributors), are guests David Giuntoli (star of Grimm), knee-slappin' comedian Phil Schallberger, and actor David Saffert's spot-on impersonation of Liberace, which you must see to believe! WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 7 pm, $10-15

FASHION PARTY—The annual Content transforms an entire floor of the Ace Hotel into a series of installations from the artistic minds of more than 20 of the city's most interesting up-and-coming designers and makers. It's also one of the most guaranteed good (and good-looking) times on the calendar. MARJORIE SKINNER
Ace Hotel, 1022 SW Stark, 5-10 pm, $15-20, all ages


MUSIC—Fine with me if you want to get the old gang back together. Especially if we're talking Brit shoegazers Ride! The cool mofos strapped on their guitars earlier this year after a nearly two-decade-long hiatus. Their wash of swirly, noisy dreamscapes is the perfect opportunity to eat a pot cookie and swim down the jangly river to Nowhere, a near perfect artifact of the '90s. COURTNEY FERGUSON
w/Cat Hoch; Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 8 pm, $32.50-37.50, all ages

COMEDY—If you're unfamiliar with Curious Comedy, they are a terrific theater providing stand-up comedy, improv, and classes to a laff-needing city. So don't miss tonight's fundraiser for the venue, Colin Mochrie and Friends, starring the verrrry funny former star of Who's Line Is It Anyway? doing improv with all-star members of the Curious Comedy troupe. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
Revolution Hall, 1300 SE Stark, 7:30 pm, $22-25, all ages


FILM—Inspired by Chris Marker's La Jetée, 1995's post-apocalyptic Twelve Monkeys remains one of Terry Gilliam's most interesting movies—not to mention one that boasts great turns from Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, and Brad Pitt. This week, the Academy's got it on the big screen—and at each screening, 12 LIVE MONKEYS WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE!!! Okay. I made that last part up, but you should still go. ERIK HENRIKSEN
Academy Theater, 7818 SE Stark, 9:20pm, $4

MUSIC—Who doesn't love Scotch? And Scots? And a Scottish band with a great name like We Were Promised Jetpacks? These practitioners of shimmering indie rock are touring their third album, Unravelling, which was recorded in Glasgow at the Chem19 studio. This time they've brought a new member, multi-instrumentalist Stuart McGachan. Go see them. SHELBY R. KING
w/Seoul; Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $15-17


MUSIC—The eager pop-punk of Toronto's PUP is explosive and ecstatic, with uber-catchy, super-loud tunes that are miles better than those of their Warped Tour brethren. They're opening for Philly emo sluggers Modern Baseball on a stacked bill that'll make your ears ring in the best possible way. NED LANNAMANN
w/Jeff Rosenstock, Tiny Moving Parts; Analog Café, 720 SE Hawthorne, 7 pm, $15-17, all ages

BOB AND DAVID—Long ago, on a premium cable channel far, far away, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross created Mr. Show, the funniest, smartest sketch comedy show of all time. AND NOW THEY ARE BACK, thanks to Netflix's W/ Bob and David! Sure, there's probably some bullshit going on outside of your house today, but can it compare? Fuck no it can't! ERIK HENRIKSEN
Netflix, your house, premieres Fri Nov 13, god bless you Bob and David