THURSDAY, june 6

MUSIC--Maura Davis, the front voice on Denali, is immensely gifted: She sounds like a wounded opera singer. (She is actually classically trained in opera; welcome to the first indie-opera-rocker!) She is simultaneously cautious and defiant, and turning away from her is impossible. You will leave affected. PB w/ Starflyer 59, The Prom; Blackbird, 3728 NE Sandy, 282-9949, 9 pm, $8

LE FREAK, SO CHIC--That stupid nazi Ann Romano may want to end all moshing everywhere, but throw her to the irresistible, fiery disco pits of the punk-fuckers known as !!! (pronounced "hump hump hump"), and that bitch will be shaking her ass like she's Kevin Bacon. (So will everybody else, by the by.) Accompanied by the Air Supply of the 21st Century, Trans Am. JS
See Music pg 19
Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 224-TIXX, 8 pm, $10, all ages

FRIDAY, june 7

BICYCLE DRIVE-IN--Not only will you be watching the kitsch classic Robot Monster in 3-D, you'll be on your bike. Omigod, you're so psyched. Oh, and be a pal and bring some 3-D glasses that you might have lying around from the last 3-D porno you rented. If you're in a rush though, the bicycle drive-in presenters will have a few pairs to offer. Oh, and another thing, I don't understand why it matters, but get there on time. KS
Tidbits, 4631 NE Albina, 9 pm, free

HIP ROCK--Sickeningly fashionable and über-hip, it would be easy to hate a band like The White Stripes--that is, if they weren't so goddamn good. Hype aside, the fact is that these two color-coordinated ex-spouses single-handily resurrected the garage rock genre. Sure, the British press is constantly fellating them and they're performing at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, but they still rock. CM
Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 224-TIXX, 9 pm, $15-17, all ages

SATURDAY, june 8

BANDS & ART--The appealing part about being a cowboy is the open spaces that unroll like empty canvases, waiting for the imagination to fill them up (the saddle chafing is the unappealing part). Zak Riles' black and white photos capture that American elegance. Plus, artist Ryan Boyle is making ice cream for the masses, and Operacycle plays. PB
Alphabet Dress, 2817 NE Oregon, 7 pm, free

RAD HIPHOP--2Mex is one of the best rappers on the West Coast, partially because of his onstage chutzpah--he's totally commanding--and also because of his unique flow, which blends English, Spanish, politically fiery lyrics, and ass-bumping beats. With Xololanxinxo, they make up Of Mexican Descent, and you'd do well to see them, mister. JS
w/ Lyrics Born, Mikah 9, DJ Wicked, Bukue One; Berbati's, 231 SW Ankeny, 248-4579, time, price

SUNDAY, june 9

FIVE DOLLAR SOAPY HAND JOB--Before you get your feminist, grandma panties all in a bunch, understand that this car wash is part of a photo shoot put on by a woman, about women, and is nothing like those misogynistic Playboy shoots. Come get your car hand-washed by some hot woman, and watch these chicks get their picture taken for an upcoming coffeetable book, Women and their Kick-Ass Cars. KD
Garry Small Saab, 1940 SE 82nd Ave, 288-1123, noon-8 pm, $5

MONDAY, june 10

FLICK--The Italian film Princesa presents the story of a transsexual prostitute. Now, gather those assumptions right back up and tuck them carefully away, because this film approaches its subject in a way you've never seen before. MS
Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, 9 pm, $6

FOREIGN ROCK--English be damned! Japan's punky yet adorable Eastern Youth bang out some of the most stylish and melodic punk rock around, and they do it all in their native tongue. Originally from the city of Sapporo, the band is all the rage in their new, and hipper, hometown of Tokyo. Plus, touring the USA with the likes of Cursive proves that this country is probably next in line to be conquered. CM
Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 230-2111, 9 pm, $7

TUESDAY, june 11

N.E.R.D.--aka hot R&B/rap production trio Neptunes--took all their thickest, hottest beats and channeled them through actual instruments like bass and guitar, making them even thicker and hotter. Add sweltering summer lyrics, like, "Relax girl, sip some of my Slurpee. Don't lie to me. It's fly to me"; it may be totally nonsensical, but it's also wicked fun! OK! JS
B Complex, 320 SE 2nd, 235-4424, 9 pm, $15

WEDNESDAY, june 12

FILM--What's worse than living in Cuba? Yep, living in Cuba and being a homo. Gay Cuba is an insider view of the evolution of gay rights in this communist nation, with interviews, scenes of marches, and of course, history. See it and learn something. KS
Bread and Roses Center, 819 N Killingsworth, 7 pm, $6

ANDREW W.K.--Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the ultimate party rocker, my boyfriend Andrew W.K. It's hard with him being on tour ALL THE TIME, but don't worry, we're managing (the extremely large cell phone bill that is). Adrenaline-driven singer of such songs as "It's Time to Party," "Party Hard," "Party Til You Puke," and "Don't Stop Livin in the Red," he is a man after my own heart. Oh, and did I mention he's an incredible dancer? Sigh. KS
Roseland, 8 NW 6 th, 224-TIXX, 8 pm, $13