1. Boron (B). Despite its name, Boron is anything but boring. Its inertness might fool you, but put this baby in some hot nitric acid, and watch out!

2. Molybdenum (Mo). This cute little number is used to gussy up steel and other hot, happening alloys. It's an ashy silver color and can be used to accessorize just about anything, from your most divine haute couture down to your everyday Bulgari.

3. Lead (Pb). That's right, good old-fashioned lead. Sure, it's poisonous, but sometimes you just want something classic.

4. Cadmium (Cd). Like you, this one simply gets better with age. Boasting one of the most stable isotopes in town, this one's good for home and on the go!

5. Platinum (P). If the host at the next party you attend doesn't immediately offer you some platinum upon arrival, simply walk back out the front door without a word. You deserve better treatment.

6. Fluorine (F). All right, you caught us! We said non-gaseous elements. But no list is complete without some tawny, lustrous fluorine, and we don't care how gassy it is.

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