THOR Delivering glam rock from the gods.

Fri Sept 2
Sabala's Mt. Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne

I don't believe people actually listen to Thor. But plenty of people still want to see him. Since a mid-'70s breakout appearance on The Merv Griffin Show, Jon Mikl Thor has been on a glam-rock crusade, leveraging his gods-given physique with tongue in cheek. The former Mr. USA and Mr. Canada writes rock songs, produces and stars in independent horror films, and bends steel bars with his teeth. Do you even need to read the rest of this?

 In 2005, the concept of rock theatre involving a Canadian bodybuilder, heavy metal songs, and performance art is not so hard to imagine. Given that Thor has been continually attempting to break big, disappearing and resurfacing for the last 30 years, he should be considered a forefather of the form worth celebrating. Sure, he's an old guy now—the god of thunder has grey hair. But he can still blow up a hot water bottle with the power of his lungs. I don't think any of the pansies in Manowar are up to that challenge.

 This tour celebrates the release of latest album Thor Against the World, a surprisingly passable glam-rock disc that is more Rocky Horror than "Raining Blood." Ballads like "Turn to Blue" and the synth-rock cartoon goodness of "Megaton Man" (keys courtesy of Air alum Brian Kehew) actually steal the show. There are no duds on this record, which is a first for the rock warrior in a very long career loaded with them.

 Like his obvious descendent Andrew WK, Thor delivers a positive message. As he battles the powers of darkness (well, dragons and wizards), he marches on against time, fashion, and jaded sensibilities. He changes costume, brandishing an array of different weapons. It's a whole bag of tricks and good times which you may not remember note for song, but the visual experience is an epic attempt that deserves recognition of godlike proportions.