Sugar & Spice is perhaps the most dangerous film currently playing. Coming on the heels of President Bush's soon-to-be released federal assault on abortion rights, this perky movie is a careless and insidious attack on pro-choice ideals.

Disguised as a sassy cheerleading movie, Sugar & Spice embarks with a lukewarm premise: What to do when a sunshiny lead cheerleader (Marley Shelton, Pleasantville), is impregnated by a superstar perfect-smile quarterback (James Marsden, X-Men)? Rob a bank, of course! Why? To support the as-yet unborn child.

No, it's not good enough to knock over a 7-11 for $300--an amount that would pay for a safe and legal abortion. She needs lots of money to make sure that her babies (yes, twins) grow up in Gap diapers and with all the latest Kens and Barbies, plus accessories.

Hollywood has been a bulkhead for liberal feminist ideals ever since Greta Garbo championed the image of strong-willed women; but Sugar & Spice reinterprets these icons to a new generation, effectively saying silver screen heroines would do exactly what they're doing. Rubbish!

Commandeering everything holy from Reservoir Dogs to Madonna, Sugar & Spice fashions these artistic expressions into a supporting argument for pro-life tenets. After announcing her pregnancy to her squadron, Shelton reverently quotes line and verse Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach." What the hell are we teaching our children? In Sugar & Spice, the consideration of abortion (given less than 30 seconds screen time) is beat down as something grody and uncool.

Even though Sugar & Spice is never as bitchy or clever as its promises (what should have been sexy scenes with nubile teens lounging in their underwear are about as alluring as a Jell-O ad, and the stilted bank robbing scene only bothers to include one entry-level gymnastic move) with its stylized marketing, Sugar and Spice acts as a goddamn Trojan Horse, sneaking pro-life messages into the heads of teens under the guise of another slick cheerleading movie! Write your Congressperson (and CC NewLine Cinema)!