THE REDO SERIES: I'M YOUR DENSITY All 1955, all the time.

LET'S GET THIS out of the way: I'm Your Density is not all three of the Back to the Future movies re-edited in chronological order. Rather, it's all of the scenes set in 1955 from the three Back to the Future movies, and all of those have been arranged in chronological order. While six hours of unadulterated remix culture strikes me as a daunting prospect, 90 or so minutes of an interesting experiment seems pretty doable.

I'm Your Density is part of the Redo Series, which "showcases outsider recuts and remakes of well-loved film and TV shows." This particular redo is the brainchild of artist Dave Ewing, along with Robbie Augspurger, who you might call the assistant editor of this fan edit. I spoke to Augspurger—a musician, artist, and occasional Mercury photographer—to get some more info.

MERCURY: How did editing together three feature films affect your personal and professional life?

ROBBIE AUGSPURGER: In February 2012, when I helped with the edit, my girlfriend (now my wife) said I should probably not spend so much time hunched over my laptop.

What did you learn about the Back to the Future trilogy that you didn't know going in?

The sound of the first movie is softer and quieter. Also, the "Johnny B. Goode" sequence's audio treatment is different in Back to the Future I and II. In the second film, the song is more ambient and roomy, as Marty and Biff play cat-and-mouse, [while in] Back to the Future I, Marty plays the song on stage. I ended up having to blend the audio together, as the sequences from both films bumped up against each other a few times.

What things do you think your cut improves on, and what areas were problems?

I don't know if it improves on anything, but it's a funny idea. The only issue I can think of, which is funny to me, is that many of the scenes now have no context.

Any other films you'd like to give this treatment to?

I probably wouldn't do this again, but Air Bud has always been intriguing to me.