Shopping Portland

A Guide to Some of the Best

by Christine Blystone and Marjorie Skinner

Getting dressed in Portland has long since graduated from deciding which protective layer of rain gear to pile on. With an ever-growing crop of promising and innovative local designers, plus a growth spurt of interesting boutiques overseen by a forward-thinking and discriminating style vanguard, the little town that could is on its way to becoming the best unkept secret of the West Coast. From the local to the rarefied, our selection just gets better. Take a look; maybe you'll see something you like.

8 Women

3614 SE Hawthorne, 236-8878

This lingerie-oriented store stocks Boudoir Bebe (lingerie and loungewear for women and girls), Hanky Panky (women's sleepwear), plus handbags and jewelry (Laura Whittaker) from local creators.


300 SW Stark, 224-5130

This clothing shop has a variety of styles such as skirts and dresses from Nougat, casual attire from French Connection, active wear from Sugoi, edgier clothing from Custo Barcelona, and lingerie from Hush Hush. Plus, they have an assortment of belts, hats, scarves, and shawls.


410 SW Oak, 224-7156

Wonderfully cluttered, well-selected vintage and antique treasures. A downtown staple.


1115 SE Division, 236-5544

One of the many vintage stores haunting Southeast, Betsy's has a great, eclectic selection.


2285 NW Johnson, 222-4848

This shop features 38 denim brands including PRPS and Ragged Bone as well as clothing from the likes of Trovata (pants and shirts for men and women), and Nice Collective (quiet and interesting jackets, sweaters, and T-shirts).

Buffalo Exchange

1036 W Burnside, 222-3418; 1420 SE 37th, 234-1302

One of the most frequented vintage chains in the city.

Decades Vintage

328 SW Stark, 223-1177

Small but smart, this vintage treasure trove is a welcome addition to the pantheon of downtown Portland vintage.


811 E Burnside, 233-3189

An ambitious, homemade-oriented boutique carrying a lot of casual basics with modern perspectives (Genevieve Dellinger) and jewelry (Hazel Cox), as well as cologne and perfumes by Caitlyn Davies.

Donna & Toots

1631 NE Alberta, 241-5570

This store carries their own line of women's clothing, plus a bunch of local designers like Ali May (fun, girly fashion) and more.


1740 SE Hawthorne, 234-5459

A women's clothing store specializing in Oregon designers defined by the style its two co-owners' lines, Dervish (dresses, skirts, and tops) and Ipseity (women's clothing).


909 N Beech, 281-6648

This mostly vintage reproduction shop has its own made-to-order line in which you can pick a pre-made design and a fabric to create a customized look. In addition, they carry WahMaker (Old West frontier wear for guys and gals), Trashy Diva (1920s-1950s silk pieces), Anne Bonney (knickers, slips, and other pirate underwear), and more.

Elizabeth Street

635 NW 23rd, 243-2456

High-end women's clothing, including Rozae Nichols (women's clothing) and Burning Torch (casual women's clothing).


600 NW 23rd, 295-7959

Check out this store for plenty of trendy purses, jewelry, and non-leather shoes. They carry lines like 17 Miles, Michael Antonio, and Wild Diva.

Foundation Garments

2712 NE Alberta, 282-2763

A brand-new shop and a welcome addition to Alberta. With an emphasis on providing lines unavailable in Portland, as well as very small, ethical lines, you'll find cool jewelry by Day-Lab, sweet, feminine things from Ship to Shore, and many more.


2940 NE Alberta, 595-0379

A cute vintage selection and a lot of local designs. Examples they have carried include Knott Ugly (deconstructed sweaters and shirts), Sock It To Me (fun knee socks), Mug Wump (recycled handbags), and LeBrie Rich (fun jewelry such as hair pins and rings).

Galore Department Store

827 NW 23rd, 279-8946

A trendy woman's clothing store, featuring hard to find lines like Plastic and Nina.


4136 SE Hawthorne, 232-7441

The newest store in the thick of Hawthorne carries local standouts like Sofada, She-She, DarBeka, and Midge Wear.

Gilt Vintage Jewelry, 720 NW 23rd, 226-0629

This vintage jewelry boutique has a large selection of vintage engagement rings. Gilt also carries local jewelry designs by Jessie Wylie (sculptural pieces with movement), Brunette (feminine gemstone necklaces), and Shannon Nichols (silverwork). In addition, they carry fun skirts by DarBeka and I See You.

Halo Shoes

1425 NE Broadway, 331-0366

A good place to go if you're looking to invest in some gorgeous footwear, this Northeast shoe store carries a range of men's and women's styles from lines like Cydwoq, Dries Van Noten, and Chie Mihara.


2431 NW Thurman, 922-1797

The new kid on the block for street wear, featuring lots of screen-printing and a skater, hiphop vibe. Look for their own line of Hecklewood T-shirts and others.

Imelda's and Louie's Shoes

3426 SE Hawthorne, 233-7476; 935 NW Everett, 595-4970

The new Westside store is a smaller version of the Eastside version, which will continue to expand its selection to be unique from the older location. Right now look for Giraudon, Accessoire, Terra Plana, and Kenneth Cole New York. If you're on the Eastside you'll find Tsubo and Lundi Bleu, and both locations feature Faryl Robin, M by Morena Tom, Earth Shoes, Gola, and Frye. They also carry independent lines of accessories, like Hobo (handbags), and Acme Made (laptop computer bags), and jewelry from Alexis Bittar, Four Seasons, and Wasabi.

Ivy Studio

800 E Burnside, 231-7400

Appended to the Jupiter Hotel, the Ivy Studio is way more than a gift shop for tourists! Check out the owners' own lines, Claret and Oxford Slut, as well as goodies from other locals like motokitty, and lots more.

Johnny Sole

815 SW Alder, 228-5844

Popular downtown shoe store carrying casual, fancy, and tough lines for both men (Mark Nason, Camper, Destroy) and women (Alberto Fermani, Frye, Camper). They also carry men's and women's clothing from lines like Brown Sound, Apartment, Blue Colt, Itsus, and Sameunderneath.

Jolie Shoes

410 SW 13th, 241-1331

Arguably Portland's best-kept secret when it comes to shoes, Jolie is tucked away in a corner of downtown, and is well worth seeking out. The store features fine Italian shoes, imported and frquently made especially for the Portland store. Go here when you're ready to take it to the next level.

Just Be Toys

107 NW 5th, 796-2733

A source for the latest imported Japanese street wear and accessories plus gear from Stüssy, Jeff Staple Design, 10 Deep, Adidas, Gama-Go, and exclusive edition Nikes and Converse.

Keep 'Em Flying

510 NW 21st, 221-0601

Men's and women's vintage and cannibalized vintage wear.

Lady Luck Vintage

2742 E Burnside, 233-4041

A goldmine of well-selected garments from the past, including a hearty selection of vintage shoes.

Le Rouge

3418 SE Hawthorne, 230-8119

Over half of this shop's labels are local and independent designers. A few examples include Johnny Was (hand-embroidered shirts), Da-Nang & Rangoon (beautiful and sensual clothing), and Casch (unique tailoring with a Danish twist).

Le Train Bleu

1822 NW Overton, 343-5140

This trendy online boutique ( recently opened limited showroom hours (Fri-Sat 11 am-4 pm) and carries labels such as Bliss Lau (handbags), Ella Moss (hip, fun, and quirky women's clothing), Brooke Scott (leather macramé accessories), Mint (vintage-inspired with a twist on feminine flounce), plus many more.

Lilith Boutique

1524 NE Alberta, 282-3200

A cute shop in the old Gold location, Lilith keeps the flag flying by featuring Gold's own Genna Golden's designs, among many other well-selected treasures.


214 SW 8th, 827-3300

Downtown staple with men and women's clothing from lines like Ed Hardy, Covet, Nicholas K, Gsus, and jeans from hip lines like Earnest Sewn and Z-Brand.

Local 35

3556 SE Hawthorne, 963-8200

Featuring super-wearable designs from We (Swedish snowboard line turned street wear for men and women), Rxmance (handmade screen-printed Ts), plus other lines like OK 47, Modern Amusement, Brown Sound, and Bench & Hooch.


520 SW 9th, 220-0920

A mostly vintage store featuring independent local designs from Black Heart (modern reconstructed design with a vintage feel), Moving Circus (cool screen printed T-shirts), Monte Lonax (men's screen printed T-shirts), Flood (dresses and hand-crocheted hats), Beyond Beauty (organic and skeletal jewelry), Hubris & Sophrosyne (jewelry made from vintage crystal, beads, and feathers), Sky & Boat (men's screen-printed dress shirts, dresses, and tops for women), Diana Joy (hand-sewn tops for men and women), plus more.

Maloy's Jewelry Workshop

717 SW 10th, 223-4720

Fine estate and antique jewelry, including engagement and wedding rings, as well as custom design and expert jewelry restoration.


1411 NE Broadway, 287-5414

This sophisticated shop on budding Broadway's shopping strip has Tracy Reese (funky dress wear), Rozae Nichols (original, handmade skirts, tops, and dresses), Only Hearts (lacy, stretchy tops), Anna Sui (beautiful fabric, bohemian), and Twin-Set (Italian bohemian).

Mimi & Lena, 1914 NE Broadway, 224-7736

Including locals: Sarah Van Raden (women's clothing) and Kate Winfield (jewelry). Tree (women's) is carried exclusively by this store. Also Tea's Little Citizen's of the World (children's) and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Moda Nova

700 SW 5th, Suite 3015, Pioneer Place, 546-6557

Dress shop dedicated to ferreting out designers from Latin America, such as Pepa Pombo (mother/daughter design team from Colombia). The store features a wide selection of special occasion dresses, as well as many French lines such as Deca and Yves Calin.


2400 E Burnside, 296-6943

Inside this cute little shop, you will find the latest in cutting-edge Canadian labels such as The People Have Spoken (pants, dresses, coats, and jackets), Midge Wear (1950s-inspired skirts and tops— yes, it was named after Barbie's best friend), Bella Sisters (recycled blazers with appliqués), and Lifetime (dresses and blazers).


923 NW 10th, 274-7114

Currently boasting about 100 styles and washes of denim for men and women, and lines like L.A.M.B. (Gwen Stefani's line!), Twelfth Street (African prints and Egyptian vibes). One of their biggest-selling men's lines right now is Rouge's Gallery (T-shirts with manly screen prints such as hawks, lions, eagles, and pirates).

Oddball/Baddoll Shoes

1639 NW Marshall, 827-7800 (Oddball), 525-2202 (Baddoll)

Killer locally owned shoe store stocked with designs from PF Flyers, Medium, Modern Amusement, and Vans, among many others. Also a great source for large sizes!


718 NW 11th, 223-1998

An airy, high-end shop carrying lines like Mayle, Cacharel, as well as big names like Jill Stuart.

Old School

3953 SE Hawthorne, 235-8109

A treasure trove of vintage sportswear, like Adidas track jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, and much, much more.

Olive Shoes

404 NW 10th, Suite 100, 224-9337

A small but mighty selection of women's and children's shoes, including the women's line from Eileen Shields, an Irish designer working out of New York, plus Georgina Goodman.


Hillsdale Shopping Center, 6316 SW Capitol Hwy, 246-3417

Clothing and accessories from Free People, Avalin, Putumayo, and more.

pedX Shoe Shangri-la

2230 NE Alberta, 460-0760

Cute little store full of funky shoes from lines like Camper, Frye, Tsubo, Hispanitas, Kenneth Cole, and Lisa Nading. They carry jewelry by local designers such as Umbrella Design. Plus they have a stock of bags by Ginger Michelle, Maya Moon, and more.

Physical Element, 1124 NW Lovejoy, 224-5425

This shop merges active wear and everyday apparel. One of their best sellers is Copi.Pine (asymmetrical, interesting designs).

Pin Me Apparel

3705 NE Mississippi, 281-1572

This shop offers accommodating styles (sizes ranging from 0-16), with a focus on smaller designers such as Maria Bonita, Womyn, and Tulle. They also carry a variety of shoes and handbags.

Ray's Ragtime

1001 SW Morrison, 226-2616

One of the best vintage spots downtown with plenty of cowboy shirts, western boots and accessories, prom dresses, and rock T-shirts to choose from. While the store's founder has a background in costuming for film and theater, likewise the store is a surefire choice when you're looking for the perfect accents on a costume or otherwise want to channel a character.

Red Light Clothing Exchange

3590 SE Hawthorne, 963-8888; 1111 SW Stark, 294-0800

Vintage clothing paradise that also features newer stuff, like Heartbreaker (vintage-inspired dresses and Ts), Lulu's Thangs (reconstructed shirts, dresses, blazers), and JC Superstar (slips and lingerie).


433 NW 10th, 227-3779

This NW boutique boasts lines such as Original Mari Mekko (felt slippers and cuffs), TWI (wood veneer purses), and Faryn Davis (resin jewelry).


1532 NE Alberta, 284-9799

A hefty selection of vintage clothing, as well as stocking handmade and recycled products like journals, hats, and sweaters. Their biggest sellers are Sky & Boat (men's and women's silk-screening, and reconstruction) and Love To Love You (women's silk-screening, and cute skirts with ruffles).


915 N Shaver, 473-8463

The headquarters for the Sameunderneath line of earth-conscious casual wear made of bamboo fiber, they also carry duct tape wallets by DB Clay.

Say Say Boutique

1010 SW Morrison, 223-1282

A fun, flirty spot for girly shopping, with funky shirts from Random Nicole, candles, jewelry, and more.


827 NW 23rd, 234-2409

Seaplane carries lines from co-owners Holly Stalder and Kathryn Towers, plus, Linea (vintage-inspired pieces with a modern twist), Church and State (art meets clothing), Bonnie Heart Clyde (men's shirts and ties), and H. Fredriksson (chic yet sassy skirts and dresses), among many others!

Second Thoughts

108 NE 28th, 233-2282

Resale clothing store has hip, current, casual wear, as well as some cocktail dresses.


4623 NE Fremont, 445-2006

Boasting the Sofada line of girly, sexy-fitted clothes and custom-fit swimsuits. They also have a great selection of jewelry from local designers.


1605 NE Broadway, 282-4940

This cute little boutique specializes in denim. They also carry a unique selection of belts, dresses, and T-shirts.


1033 NW Couch, 222-7653

This boutique has accessories galore! Check out handbags from Isabela Fiore (and wallets), Hobo, Franco Sarto (and shoes), plus handmade jewelry from designers all over the Pacific Northwest.


806 NW 23rd, 525-0043

With nothing but luxurious handmade cashmere pieces, this is a great place to spoil your self. Beyond sweaters and scarves, Souchi's Suzi Johnson whips up cashmere bikinis, dresses, and more.


300 SW 12th, 224-2604

Along with all the sex toys and supplies you could want, Spartacus also carries its own line of locally made leather, both pre-made and by custom order, as well as a great selection of fun tights.


826 NW 23rd, 295-9220

A store just for men, with Parasuco (Canadian line of denim and shirts), Jimi Hendrix (tailored shirts), English Laundry (fitted shirts with a lot of details and embroidery), and Truth By Grace (limited edition, freeform artistic pieces). Plus, manly toiletries!

The Dig

13844 SE McLoughlin Blvd, 496-0875

It sounds too good to be true, but this vintage warehouse actually sells every single item for under $10, whether it be a dress, a pair of pants, or shoes. Speaking of which, the have an abundance of cowboy boots.

The English Dept.

724 NW 23rd, 224-0724

This cute little boutique is for the rich, feminine professional or people who like to dress like characters from an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, including the work of co-owner Elizabeth Dye. They also carry fine, subtle, delicate jewelry.

The Future Incorporated, 931 SW Oak, 241-0875

Rock-oriented store featuring Emily the Strange products, shoes by Doc Martins and Converse, Dogpile (punk rock gear), Lip Service (punk rock pants), motokitty (this month featuring limited edition Guy Burwell purses), and C.B.G.B (T-shirts for dogs and babies).

The Office

2136 E Burnside, 595-5298

A great spot to find skater wear, because skating's not a crime, but looking like a chump is. Find Lifetime Collective, Blacktooth, I-Path, and more.


1804 NE Alberta, 335-3100

Cute, colorful dress shop carrying pretty 1950s-inspired frocks and slips (Kara-line), tons of cashmere, as well as jeans (Red Engine, Tag), and designs from Burning Torch, and more.


2802 SE Ankeny, 235-2326

A tiny boutique that packs a huge punch, Una has quickly become a favorite among those in the know. Find beautiful garments from small labels from far and wide, such as Clu, as well as denim from lines like Earnest Sewn.

Visage Eyewear

1046 NW Johnson, 944-5475

An eyewear store that carries frames from small international companies like Toki (Japanese), Alain Mikli (French), and ic! berlin (German sheet metal).

What's Upstairs

736 NW 23rd, 228-9143

It's a bit hidden, but once you get inside you'll find a few independent lines worth checking out, like DarBeka skirts and locally made jewelry. Plus they have high-end jeans at low prices.

Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique, 2515 SE Clinton, 230-2899

Vintage clothes for the Clinton Street set!


811 E Burnside, Suite 116, 236-7788

Adorable boutique with a great selection and range of prices. Includes goods from Anzevino & Florence (tops and dresses), XGLA (blouses, jackets, and dresses), Mary Meyer (jersey skirts and dresses), and Johnny Schultz (dresses, skirts, and sweaters).