Oh, Zooey Deschanel: Is there a mopey misfit whose problems you can't instantly cure with your quirky cuteness? The mopey misfit in question this time is Brian (Paul Dano, the moon-faced kid who stood his ground against Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood), a mattress salesman who sells Zooey's father (John Goodman) a $14,000 bed. Soon, Brian is screwing her in the back of dad's Volvo, but there are a couple problems: Brian has wanted to adopt a baby from China ever since he was eight years old (red flag, Zooey, red flag!), and a homeless guy who looks like Zach Galifianakis (played by Zach Galifianakis) is trying to kill him.

Here's the good news: John Goodman is excellent playing against type as a grumpy, blustery businessman, and Ed Asner is genuinely hilarious in what is otherwise a nothing part as Brian's mushroom-tripping dad. The bad news is that all the disparate pieces of the movie never quite add up. Dano's pathetic character is downright dull to watch, and the movie never attempts to shrug off its self-conscious quirkiness. Sorry, Zooey, this is one off-kilter romantic comedy your adorability can't salvage.