Moldy Peaches
Mon March 4

The Moldy Peaches are 28-year¯old Kimya Dawson and 20-year-old Adam Green, a black-humored duo who met when Kimya was Adam's babysitter. Many years later, they reconvened and began making home recordings of sordid, sharply observant, and occasionally raunchy anti-folk songs. Whether their pop jokes have staying power is debatable, but the pair can rhyme "humanity" with "huge manatee" and pen lines like "Who made all these things for killing?/Whose pussy hole needs filling?"; In honor of the spirit of adolescence the Moldy Peaches so cannily cultivate, I asked them questions suitable for any seventh-grade slam book.

Have you ever kissed someone to shut them up?
Kimya: No. If someone won't shut up, I usually smile and walk away.
Adam: I don't know.

Who's the greatest American who ever lived?
Kimya: I know a lot of great Americans. But a lot of greatness gets soiled by the time great people are old enough to realize they are Americans.
Adam: Joey Fatone

Who would win in a fight: Helen Keller or Rip Van Winkle?
Kimya: Helen Keller was a badass. I saw the Helen Keller movie with Hallie Eisenberg, the Pepsi girl. Man, could she put up a fight at the dinner table!
Adam: Ben Kweller.

What's the meanest thing you've ever done?
Kimya: I was really mean when I used to get drunk. That was one of many good reasons to stop. I don't want to be mean ever, but sometimes I tease people or talk shit. Then I feel really bad and hate myself for it. And then I apologize.
Adam: Forgot something.

What's the greatest cartoon ever?

Kimya: Superbook is a really good one, about these two kids who have a robot and they travel back to biblical times if they need to learn a lesson. I saw a good Roadrunner recently where Wile E. Coyote jumped of the cliff onto a trampoline and when he hit it, it turned into a bag, and tied shut with him inside. Oh man, that killed me.
Adam: Bionic Six.

Which cartoon character would be the best fuck?
Kimya: Rick Hunter from Robotech, Kaneda from Akira, or Gohan from Dragon Ballz are foxiest. I can't even imagine humping Goofy or a snork, just cartoon humans. I bet Jon Arbunkle would be fun in the sack.
Adam: Widget.