THE SUMMER of 2014 is rivaling the holiday season for pop-up shops and indie-maker markets, and this week brings two of particular interest. Montavilla's Maven Collective is tapping into the Pearl District shopping scene, while the Renegade Craft Fair—which already flourishes in cities like Chicago, New York, LA, San Francisco, Austin, and even London—is testing the waters in Portland this weekend.

It's testament to the eyes behind Maven Collective—Kim Ludy and Jacklyn Arvin—that I followed them on Instagram before figuring out that theirs is the brick 'n' mortar at 7819 SE Stark. In an online scene that has become utterly flooded with vintage resellers, this kind of visual marketing is crucial. Ludy says most of what they post on their feed sells the same day.

It's not the first time Ludy's profited off of early adoption. As a flexible means of income while juggling life as a single mother, Ludy was on the ground floor of the Etsy movement, where she garnered a huge following that has since largely moved with her to the newer platform and her collaboration with Arvin. Another advantage: Maven's emphasis on housewares, which jives with thirtysomething Portland shoppers who grew up thrifting clothing and have recently become homeowners. Sound familiar? This week Maven sets up with Vintalier to debut a fresh crop of merch; check 'em out. Vintalier, 412 NW 13th, Thurs Aug 7, 6-9 pm, through Fri Aug 15

Meanwhile, Renegade partners with Rejuvenation for the first-ever Portland Mini Market, with over 60 independent designers from Portland and beyond, plus art installations, music, and food vendors. Look for Portland favorites like Pigeon Toe ceramics, Make It Good clothing, and Portland Apothecary, as well as introductions to work from beyond the local circuit. At this rate we'll have our holiday shopping done by September. Rejuvenation, 1100 SE Grand, Sat Aug 9-Sun Aug 10, noon-6 pm


• If you've never been to a hair show, you're in for a treat: Hair M|W is presenting "Hair Is Art," a party that showcases stylists when they aren't tied down by the practicalities of their clients' lives, which is to say there will be loads of sculptural talent on display. Models will also show off Danielle Grasseth clothing and Alchemy Jewelers accessories, plus DJ Avalanche and cocktails courtesy of New Deal. Hair M|W, 1015 NW Lovejoy, Thurs Aug 7, 6-10 pm

• Artist/designer Haley Ann is kicking off a month-long residency at Yo Vintage!, along with jewelry from Portland hotshots BLTN and RillRill. Yo Vintage!, 413 SW 13th, Thurs Aug 7, 6-9 pm

• Caravan Pacific is relieving your hair-tie frustration (cheap-looking elastic, the challenge of using your ends to cover them up tidily—ugh!). They've developed Modern Metal Hair Ties, which are exactly what they sound like, and come in simple brass and copper styles. They're hosting a release party for 'em too, with refreshments and styling tips. Betsy + Iya, 2403 NW Thurman, Thurs Aug 7, 6-9 pm

• Upswept Creative is hosting an open studio featuring a trunk show of Hubris Apparel along with sculptures by Dwight Evalt Art, and Megalith beer to entice a stop on your First Thursday cruising. Upswept Creative, 217 NW Couch, Thurs Aug 7, 6-8 pm

• This city has come down with a serious case of the fleas, and it's worth mentioning the one being held every second Friday and Saturday of the month at Grand Marketplace, which is a goldmine for antique furniture, as well as smaller vintage goodies. Grand Marketplace, 1005 SE Grand, Fri Aug 8, 4-7 pm, Sat Aug 9, 10 am-4 pm

• Northwest jewelry shop TWIST is playing host to Pippa Small, who won a Members of the Order of the British Empire Award last year for her work, which focuses on indigenous craftspeople and ethical production practices. For one day only she'll be showcasing the complete collection of her new work in addition to a number of one-of-a-kinds. TWIST, 30 NW 23rd Pl, Sat Aug 9, noon-5 pm

• This happens so rarely, it really shouldn't be missed: Odessa is hosting one of its backroom sales, with past seasons' merchandise at $10-100. Empty your bank account before you go; it's cash only. Odessa, 717 SW Ankeny, Sun Aug 10, noon-4 pm