YOU PROBABLY should have thought of this first: Glynis Olson is opening the doors of Finger Bang this weekend—a naughtily named nail salon intended to cater to those looking for an edgier mani-pedi experience. Fundamentally, it'll be a destination for detail-heavy nail art—they'll do basic one-color nails (also: waxing and dental bling... yes, dental bling), but they've snagged artists like Asa Bree, Jules Duquette, and Sarah Kane, who specialize in the more elaborate work you see on this page, and whose services have historically been more word-of-mouth than destination-based.

Another why-didn't-you-think-of-this-first aspect is the hours. Finger Bang's are going to be noon-midnight (seven days a week, at least to start), making it far more friendly to the schedules of those working restaurant, bar, and stripper-pole hours (Olson herself has logged many years as a bartender and counts a large number of the city's dancers among her friends), or just those who tend toward night owlishness.

Much in the spirit of a Bishop's or Rudy's rock 'n' roll-themed barbershop, Finger Bang's space features an edgy atmosphere, thanks in large part to the huge, fiery orange (and rather abstractly phallic) mural by Klutch (the artist who got his start in the '80s punk scene, perhaps best known for his work with Skull Skates) that dominates the room. Klutch's documentation of the mural's progress on his Facebook page serves as an unofficial walking tour of the piece, which includes drawn characters affectionately referred to as Honey Dawg (a hot dog "made of pig guts and rat shit") and James the Giant Ass Black Metal Peach. Completing the scene are several wall-mounted televisions that'll be set to play slasher and kung fu films to watch while you get painted. Unless you prefer those old back issues of Good Housekeeping? Didn't think so. Expect to hear metal over the speakers, too, and the complimentary beer of choice will be Montucky Cold Snack, in addition to all the wine kinds (red, white, rosé, bubbles).

At NE 27th and Sandy, Finger Bang's part of the emerging Zipper building, a soon-to-be hub of mostly food- and drink-based businesses (and just a stumble up from other watering holes like Church). While this weekend marks Finger Bang's soft opening, Olson's envisioning a larger grand opening party a few months down the road, possibly timed to coincide, appropriately, with Halloween. She's also got ideas for monthly art shows, movie nights, and private events in the works, so if you're looking for a break from your usual polite mani-pedi routine, the concept of an after-drinks manicure date with friends is about to become a reality. Finger Bang, 2725 NE Sandy, soft opening Sun Aug 2, noon,

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