Wow. This is brutal even for a Stuart Gordon film! From the same man who brought you Re-Animator, Stuck's a biting piece of social commentary in the guise of a story about a hit and run, and what it takes to turn normal people into tabloid fodder.

Brandi (Mena Suvari, bewilderingly rocking some fantastically ugly cornrows) is a hard-working nurse at a retirement home. After getting all lit up and hopping behind the wheel one weekend, she plows into a homeless man named Tom (Stephen Rea), and, scared out of her mind, careens home with his eviscerated legs kicking on her hood. Brandi's drug dealer boyfriend, Rashid (Russell Hornsby), calms her down with booze and ecstasy, followed up with some sex; meanwhile, the barely alive Tom is cold-kicking it in her garage.

Brandi and her cornrows are positively despicable throughout (especially when she pleads with Tom, telling him to just go to sleep), but it gets creepier: This is based on a true story, about a Texas woman who hit a man in 2001 and kept him in her garage to die while he was lodged in her windshield. Gordon evokes the same horror and disbelief everyone felt after reading about that pathetic event, and with Stuck, has created an excellent, economical B-movie with more cringes and black humor than any other 86 minutes in recent memory.