Oh man, the premise for Pig Hunt has so much porky potential: A group of city slickers hunting wild boar in the forests of California are menaced by a 3,000-pound monster. Suuuuu-ey! But Pig Hunt contains some serious disappointments: (1) The mutant boar's enormous size isn't actually all that fearsome, once you consider the largest pig on record was a 2,500-pound hog at the 1933 World's Fair. (2) We don't see the boar until the final 10 minutes. (3) The real villains are actually the cult of pot growers who offer human sacrifices to "Hogzilla." (4) Not a single bacon joke is cracked throughout the entire movie.

And dear lord, are the characters annoying. There's the loud-mouthed black guy, the frat bro with the goofy hat, the pudgy whiny guy, and the moderately hot chick who's a better shot than any of the men. I could not wait for them all to get eaten. But throughout most of the movie, our protagonists are fighting hillbilly woods people instead of a giant pig. Perhaps I'm being hard on the ham-fisted Pig Hunt: Sure, the film is meant to be bad. But if you're looking for bad, you can do a whole lot better.