"I have three older brothers that were really into metal in their teenage years and I guess it just kind of rubbed off on me," explains Josey Kinnaman, the 21-year-old ex-Coloradoan who is spearheading the Goregon Massacre Festival. She's been living in Portland for five years now, and has already made a name for herself by working her way up the ladder in the local music industry via gigs at Hawthorne Theatre, Thrasher Presents, and now as the overseer of the GMF.

Kinnaman's knowledge of extreme underground metal is pretty advanced for such a young fan. She confesses, "Once I got to the point where I was over all of the generic and traditional metal bands—like Ozzy and Slayer and stuff like that—I started digging a little bit further and trying to find more obscure bands at the record store. That was when I got into bands like Carcass and Nasum, and it just went from there."

These two long days of endless ultra gore-grind music—one of the fastest and rawest forms of heavy metal—are slated for one brutal weekend at Kinnaman's former stomping grounds. Hopefully no one from the PMRC will be keeping tabs on the festival, as the gore-grind genre is based on nothing intellectual or wholesome, just blinding thrash riffs, relentless double bass drumming, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics about some of the most disgusting subjects imaginable.

With acts on the Goregon Massacre Fest coming from as far away as Japan—and tickets nearly sold out in advance—it's strongly advised to pick up a pass prior to the show. Heed Kinnaman's words: "Most of the bands on the bill rarely come to Portland, if ever. So it will really be a unique experience."