From the team behind the wildly successful Road House: The Play! comes The Lost Boys—Live! Now, I watched The Lost Boys (the movie) pretty recently, and I wouldn't have thought it could possibly work onstage; I mean, how do you stage a vampire disintegrating in a bathtub of holy water, causing blood and gore to explode from all the pipes in the house? I wouldn't have known, but I just saw it happen, and it was glorious.

This live show treats all of the over-the-top bits from the movie with a hilariously lo-fi hand. (Roller skates = flying.) It is silly and funny and I would not have changed a thing. The cast rocked at their commitment to pure ridiculousness, with great enunciation ("MAH-KELL! MAH-KELL!") and some ace running-in-place. There is fun music throughout, including creepy sing-alongs and, yes, the greasy guy with a saxophone. The bare-bones sets were brought to life by gorgeous background projections, and a really hardworking set guy (Guys? Gals? Unclear.), who quickly converted the space by constantly shoving boxes around. With no scene lasting longer than 90 seconds, it was pretty impressive.

One thing I must warn you, though: There is no intermission, the theater serves alcohol, and the intimate space makes exiting during the performance totally conspicuous; pee first. My husband got held in the back of the theater during (conflict-of-interest alert!) Portland Mercury Editor Wm. Steven Humphrey's take-no-prisoners rendition of "Cry Little Sister." Don't make the same mistake.