LONNIE BRUHN has been a professional comedian in Portland for 22 years—since well before the Bridgetown Comedy Fest and the current crop of talented whippersnappers came onto the scene. Long described as a "filthy" or "X-rated" comic—for years, Harvey's Comedy Club wouldn't book him—Bruhn has more recently transitioned into long-form comedy based on his experiences with fatherhood, relationships, and having cerebral palsy.

Now he's poised to document the newest phase of his career: Bruhn successfully panhandled more than $2,500 on Kickstarter to fund his new DVD special, Truth Hurts, which he'll record in front of a live audience at the Star Theater (13 NW 6th) on Wednesday, March 27.

Roots: "Comedy's always been number one for me, it's always been my life. I started when I was 17, at the Silver Dollar [in Northwest Portland]. I won the Portland Laugh Off when I was 19, and that put me on the road. I've been doing it ever since."

On long-form: "The way I like to describe long-form storytelling is that in standard jokes it's setup, punchline. In storytelling, it's setup, setup, setup, setup, setup, but all those setups are still funny, because you need to be throwing out bread crumbs to lead the audience to your final destination. And then your final destination has a big payoff."

On being labeled "X-rated": "It makes people wonder if I'm gonna pull my dick out during the show. And I don't do that! It doesn't make sense to promote it that way. I like calling it 'uncensored' because life is uncensored. Why should my act be any different?"

Plan B: "Comedy was always my life goal. I don't really have other options. I wanted to be a comic since the fourth grade. It was either gonna be comedy or therapy. I wanted to be a therapist. They're both similar jobs, if you think about it."

Show preview: "I talk about my walker. It has brakes, and reflectors. I think it's like the best man purse I've ever owned... the rest is sort of secret."