One Week Only

* Hedwig and the angry Inch
Triangle revives its extremely popular production of this glam musical sensation, giving Wade McCollum one last chance to shine as Hedwig before he moves on to star in Portland Center Stage's Bat Boy this fall. Triangle Productions, at the Wieden & Kennedy Building, 224 NW 13th, 239-5919, Thurs-Fri 8 pm, $25-$30

Closing This Week

* A Midsummer Night's Dream
Now on their 34th annual Shakespeare in the Park production, the Portland Actors Ensemble definitely does not suffer from a lack of expenses. The company has beautiful costumes, and what must be an amazing publicity crew--their weekend matinee draws one of the largest, most boisterous crowds of families and dogs you'll see at a Portland theater event this year. Dream's director, John Monteverde, is a NW Children's Theater veteran, and has jam-packed this production with young'uns. He has even cast a child in the substantial role of Puck, a brave move that basically pays off. Sean Roney, with his impish cheekbones and dark hair, looks the part to a T, though his little voice can be hard to hear sometimes. Overall, though, Roney's performance is amazingly sophisticated. It's also helped tremendously by Michael Cook's boisterous turn as Puck's boss, Oberon, the King of the Fairies. Cook and Roney have a nice chemistry; they seem more like two brothers than a lord and his minion, and their give-and-take relationship quickly becomes this production's most endearing element. JWS Shakespeare in the Park, at reed college, 321-0710, Sat-Mon 3 pm (special Labor Day showing!), free

* Crossing Delancey
Warm, heartfelt and unabashedly slow-moving, Magdelyn Theatre Company's production of Susan Sandler's Crossing Delancey is an engrossing treatise on familial love, the sting of loneliness, and how sometimes we must reach into the past to jump-start the future. Magdelyn's intimate space matches the material perfectly; a fable about a young woman named Isabelle who reluctantly allows her grandmother Bubbie to play cupid. Lovingly directed by Maree Kniest, Crossing Delancey is clean and cynicism-free, making it appropriate for all ages, but ideal for mother-daughter duos. BB Magdelyn Theatre Company, 403 NW 5th, (971) 544-1736, Thurs-Sat 8 pm, $14

* Henry VI, Part One
The rule with Shakespeare is that if you haven't heard of it or seen it performed before, there's usually a reason why (see Pericles and Timon of Athens). But for being such an obscure work, Henry VI, Part I (and that's Henry the SIXTH, not the FOURTH) is an amazingly interesting show. It has bloody battles between the English and the French; it has sinister plots to overthrow Henry VI, who is barely old enough to have pubic hair; and it even has Joan of Arc as a main character! The best reason to see this production is simply because it's a rare--and FREE--chance to see a cool play that, for one reason or another, is rarely done. Another reason is for the performances. Scot Carson, as the fiery British warrior Lord Talbot, is straight out of Lord of the Rings, with his long hair and chain mail. Robyn Coffey has some nice line readings as his nemesis Joan of Arc, but her body language is a bit hesitant, and so it's hard to buy her as a vicious killer. The happiest surprise here is Gildevin Jagudajev as the young Henry VI. The kid handles the difficult language with smooth restraint, and even more impressively, subtle humor. He seems wise and weary beyond his years; a remarkable feat for a young actor. JWS NW Classical Theater Company at the Terry Schrunk Federal Park, Terry Schrunk Federal Plaza, between SW 3rd & 4th, Jefferson & Madison, 274-4771, Sat 3:30 pm, free

OBT Exposed!
Don't make a big production out of this one, but if you're wandering through downtown anyway, it's worth a look-see. Basically, the OBT dancers just rehearse the routines that will become fleshed out during the Fall season. It's a mildly interesting, pleasant activity to have in the background while you read a book or eat a picnic lunch. Oregon Ballet, at the South Park Blocks, SW Park & Salmon, 227-0977, Thurs-Sun 11 am-4 pm daily, free


ComedySportz's improv juggernaut continues its mighty run... ComedySportz Arena, 1963 NW Kearney Street, 236-8888, Fri 8 pm, Sat 7 pm & 9 pm, $12, or $10 with a can of food

Summer in Brodavia
Old Brody veterans mix with new faces garnered from the Brody's improv classes to produce two acts of long form improv. Brody Theater, 1904 NW 27th Ave, 224-0688, Sat 9 pm, through Sept 6, $10