PDX Adult Soapbox Derby
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the PDX Adult Soapbox Derby is probably the most legitimately cool Portland event there is. The premise is simple: The most creative people in town build homemade non-motorized art cars and race them down the twisty-turny mile-long track on Mt. Tabor. Meanwhile you visit the beer gardens and food carts, check out the incredible creativity of the entries (including UFOs, coffins, Winnebagos, pirate ships, and more), and thrill to the sight of these behemoths hauling ass down the mountain. (Plus it’s FREE.) And following the final races of the day there will be a drunken bacchanal of an after-party where trophies will be awarded, beers will be imbibed, and dreams will be hatched for next year’s race. The PDX Adult Soapbox Derby is practically perfect, and you’d be an idiot to miss it. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
10 am, Mt. Tabor Park, free, all ages

Corgi Walk in the Pearl
One of humankind's more questionable creations, the corgi is a fat, weird dog with worthless nubs for legs, an eternally stupid expression, and a remarkably sweet disposition. THEY ARE WONDERFUL. And now, corgis will take over one of Portland's more questionable neighborhoods, the Pearl, for the annual Corgi Walk in the Pearl, a mile-long “leisurely stroll” of waddling corgis, followed by a “Doggy Ice Cream Social” and a “Corgi Fashion Show.” Registration fees benefit the Oregon Humane Society and the Columbia River Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Corgi Rescue, and why are you not going to the Pearl right now to wait for this to start. ERIK HENRIKSEN
10 am, NW Park & NW Everett, free to watch, $25 to walk

Alibi's 70th Anniversary Luau: Don & the Quixotes
The Alibi is beloved for everything it is—super old, super kitschy, and a reliable redoubt of karaoke in inner North Portland—but also for everything it’s not: overly clean, overly friendly, overly cheap. So you’ll truck down to the bar’s day-long 70th Anniversary Luau today to celebrate all of that. But you’ll also go to see Don & the Quixotes’ absurdly fun and debauched surf rock. Oh, and to sing. DIRK VANDERHART
noon, Alibi Restaurant & Lounge, free

Sound + Vision: Chanti Darling, Bryson Cone, Surfer Rosie
This month’s Mercury-sponsored Sound + Vision show will move out of the quaint room at Mississippi Studios’ and opt instead for a day party on the much-warmer Bar Bar patio. A spectacular lineup will grace the ears of those strolling down Mississippi avenue: rock from Surfer Rosie, synth pop from Bryson Cone, post-trap from rapper/singer Maarquii, and disco-dancey R&B from headliner Chanti Darling. This is great opportunity to see excellent local acts for free while simultaneously enjoying the hot weather and a cold drink, so do it while you still can. JENNI MOORE
3 pm, Mississippi Studios, free

Dawn of the Dead
The Hollywood pays tribute to one of the most impactful voices in filmmaking, George Romero, with a screening of what is widely considered his masterpiece, 1978’s Dawn of the Dead. Some might think it a little over-the-top to ascribe such an important place in film history to “that zombie guy with the big glasses,” but looking through those glasses makes it that much easier to see his contributions to pop culture, and how lasting and powerful they’ve become. As much as any socially-conscious documentarian, Romero’s zombie films shine a harsh spotlight on our worst impulses and instincts. Monsters as allegory for modern society wasn’t a concept invented by Romero, but his execution was so potent that it is now the standard. Dawn of the Dead is still the stick by which every like-minded entry is measured—and by which every like-minded entry falls short. BOBBY ROBERTS
6:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $7-9

2 Chainz, The Trap Choir, Young Dolph
It only took a few gallons of cotton candy-colored paint to transform an unassuming Atlanta bungalow into the Pink Trap House. Dreamt up by 2 Chainz (FKA Tity Boi), what started as an ingenious marketing tool soon became an empowering community haven. First serving as the site for an intimate listening party open to the public, the Pink Trap House later hosted church services, a gallery featuring the work of local artists, and a free HIV testing clinic. A nearby nail salon was similarly transformed with pink paint, and gave away free manicures. Unsurprisingly, 2 Chainz’s campaign set the internet ablaze, and critics are lauding Pretty Girls Like Trap Music as his best album yet. With splendidly nasty bass lines and lyrics tackling topics from death to addiction to the government, it’s an excellent homage to his trap roots. Here’s hoping he continues to spark a movement as he eases into his role on top. EMILLY PRADO
8 pm, Roseland, $36.50-186.50, all ages

Portland Psychfest 2017: Dead Meadow, The Warlocks, Matt Hollywood & the Bad Feelings, The Prids, Daydream Machine & more
A daylong tribute to getting your whole mind blown, with some of the west coasts best psych rock bands consistently and repeatedly setting the stage on fire with headwrecking riffs, grooves, and jams.
noon, White Owl Social Club, $20

14th Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest
You won't win the Zach's Shack Hot Dog Eating Contest. You won't even place. But you don't enter the thing for victory. No, you're plunking down $10 to gorge yourself on entrails for 10 minutes because life can't always be pleasant and beautiful. It needs pain. It yearns for nausea. (To be fair, you can get those same sensations from the safety of the audience.) DIRK VANDERHART
4 pm, Zach's Shack, free

Montavilla Jazz Festival
It makes sense that in order to hear local jazz musicians pushing the envelope, you have to venture to the edge of the city's envelope, as the Portland Metro Arts Center hosts artists such as Essiet Okon Essiet Quartet, David Friesen Quartet, Blue Cranes, Ezra Weiss Sextet, Trio Subtonic, and more for two days of improvisational adventure.
Aug 19-20, 3 pm Sat, 2 pm Sun, Portland Metro Arts Center

When the greatest Portland improvisers come together to make you laugh your pants off, what better name to give it than Leviathan? Don’t miss the uproarious hijinx of local comedy masters Shelley McLendon, Dylan Reiff, Kara Moore and others, including special guest Wendi McLendon Covey of The Goldbergs and Bridesmaids for an evening of what will surely end up being a wet, sloppy puddle of improvisational magic. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
8 pm, Siren Theater, $12-20

War on the Catwalk
A half-dozen of the best Queens from Season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race make their way to Portland to perform live on the Schnitzer stage and take turns working the catwalk for your viewing pleasure. Featuring performances from Sasha Velour, Shea Couleé, Farrah Moan, Aja, and Alexis Michelle. Hosted by Trinity Taylor.
8 pm, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, $22.25-159

Bystander Intervention Workshop
In the face of violent threats, knowing what to do can escape you. This workshop series was started as a response to the tragic MAX station stabbings earlier this year and is led by Teressa Raiford, Lara Jones, and Hanna Davis. Together, they seek to equip attendees with the skills needed to reduce harm for those most vulnerable while keeping everyone else safe. Donations benefit Don’t Shoot Portland. EMILLY PRADO
9 am, TaborSpace, $20

Brews for New Avenues
This yearly fundraiser includes a live rare-beer auction, special craft-brew keg tappings, beer floats, food carts, raffles, and live music. Proceeds benefit New Avenues for Youth's services for at-risk, foster, and homeless youth.
5 pm, Leftbank Annex, $10-15

Lithics, Cold Beat, Strange Babes
Lithics minimalist post-punk pulses and chirps, manically pushing forward and pulling back, while building insistent loops before pretending to fall apart, as vocalist Aubrey Hornor brings an understated, bordering-on-spoken-word nonchalance. This restraint, at least on record, keeps the tension high, while also keeping something bubbling below the surface, waiting. JOSHUA JAMES AMBERSON
9 pm, Star Theater, $8

Whose Streets?
The police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown sparked a street movement that started with the community of Ferguson and spread throughout the nation. Whose Streets? is the directional debut of Sabaah Folayan, an award-winning storyteller from South Central LA, and has been dubbed “a people’s documentary.” EMILLY PRADO
Various Theaters, see Movie Times for showtimes and locations

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