Ilana Glazer, Phoebe Robinson
The show would be packed and worthwhile even if it were just one of these two. But they’re both here, so that’s fucking awesome and we should all feel appreciative of that. It’s the “YQY” (short for “Yaaas Queen Yaaas”) tour with the greats Ilana Glazer and Phoebe Robinson. You know Glazer, of course, as the co-creator and co-star of Broad City on Comedy Central. Robinson is familiar to most youngish people who know how to download podcasts: She’s the co-host of 2 Dope Queens (with Jessica Williams), and the host of Sooo Many White Guys, which is executive produced by Glazer. She’s also the author of You Can’t Touch My Hair (And Other Things I Still Have to Explain). Together, they’re on one hell of a tour. They’ll come out and tell some jokes together, then flip a coin to see who does their 40-minute standup set first. It will be good—and certainly sold out by the time you read this, so find a trusted secondhand ticket vender. DOUG BROWN
7:30 pm, 10 pm, Revolution Halll, $25, all ages

Jay Pharoah
Former SNL star Jay Pharoah is known for his spot-on impressions of figures like Barack Obama, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Ben Carson, and Chris Rock, but this week us Portlanders have five chances to experience Pharoah as himself, at a special event showcase for his stand-up comedy. I think it’s safe to say jokes about race and politics are on the table, perhaps a rap performance, and hopefully the Obama impression that jump-started his career. JENNI MOORE
Nov 17-19, Fri-Sat 7:30 pm, 10 pm; Sun 7:30 pm; Helium Comedy Club, $25

Chicano Batman, Khruangbin, The Shacks
Chicano Batman have been picking up steam over the past couple of years, finding an increasingly larger audience for their cosmopolitan funk-rock ’n’ soul. But in your rush to see the next big thing, don’t miss opener Khruangbin, a Texas trio inspired by cassettes of obscure Thai funk from the ’60s and ’70s. On The Universe Smiles Upon You, Khruangbin—the name means “engine fly” in Thai—effortlessly unspools a unique blend of psychedelic soul, low-key funk, reverberant surf-rock, spacious pop, and spaced-out twang. BEN SALMON
8 pm, Wonder Ballroom, $20, all ages

Kishi Bashi, Tall Tall Trees
The string-laden, candy-colored wonderlands of music that violinist/looper Kishi Bashi creates in his intoxicating songs are full of pure, childlike delight. NED LANNAMANN
8 pm, Alberta Rose Theatre, $26, all ages

Lenore., Neo G Yo, Yardsss ØØØ
Portland music podcast Gritty Birds presents a live music showcase headlined by singer/songwriters Joy Pearson and Rebecca Marie Miller and their up-and-coming "witch-folk" outfit, Lenore. Portland-based hip-hop artist Neo G Yo and experimental composer Yardsss ØØØ round out the eclectic bill.
9 pm, Kelly's Olympian, $5

Merely describing the appeal and beauty of Satoshi Kon's Paprika can't quite be done—sure, I can tell you about the stunningly detailed animation, the overwhelming colors, the way that Paprika's hand-drawn characters convey their weight and personalities and movements as effortlessly as if they were portrayed by real-life actors, and about how there are a few sequences in which music, movement, and color align as beautifully as they have in anything else I've seen. But it's not quite enough. ERIK HENRIKSEN
7 pm, Fifth Avenue Cinema

Ari Shapiro
Did you know that improbably handsome NPR host Ari Shapiro ALSO has a beautiful singing voice? Well he does! What the hell, right? Experience it yourself at Shapiro’s solo show, Homeward, thusly titled because Shapiro is from Beaverton. He will sing to us, and regale us with tales of his life on the road. *HEART EYES EMOJI* *NERD FACE EMOJI* MEGAN BURBANK
7:30 pm, World Trade Center Theater, $60

Sera Cahoone, Jenn Champion
A pair of singer/songwriters known for their time in beloved Seattle outfit Carissa's Wierd, along with their own acclaimed and prolific solo outputs, make their way down to Bunk Bar to head up a dream bill for fans of Northwest indie rock and Americana.
9:30 pm, Bunk Bar, $15

Down the Rabbit Hole
Mythbusters alumni Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara bring their Netflix series White Rabbit Project on the the road with a show that sets out to investigate events from pop culture, science, and history live on the Schnitzer stage.
8 pm, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, $29.50-54.50, all ages

The Abyss Release and Brunch
When it comes to Deschutes Brewery beers, it gets none more black than the Abyss, and this year's limited release includes a special brunch menu, featuring Abyss-infused items including biscuits and gravy, steak and eggs, Benedicts in multiple styles, and more, as well as sampler trays of previous year's dark and frothy offerings.
9 am, Deschutes Brewery & Public House

Paula Poundstone
Fresh off a book tour, the beloved stand-up, author, and actress takes a break from her regular role on OPB's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! to make her annual pilgrimage to Portland.
7 pm, 9:30 pm, Aladdin Theater, $35, all ages

Irma Vep
Irma Vep is the kind of film that’ll sprain your brainpan if you’re not careful—it’s quite the metatextual pretzel of self-referential filmmaking. But even if there were no subtitles to work with, and no sound to help carry the narrative, the film would still be a triumph due to the fact Maggie Cheung is the absolutely mesmerizing (and latex-encased) focus of the film. There are few actors who can make a movie go from “what the fuck am I watching” to “Holy fuck I can’t stop watching this” like Cheung can. BOBBY ROBERTS
8 pm, NW Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium

The Siren Theater's improvised PowerPoint presentation show Speechless is back, with the best kind of organized chaos: a delightful lineup of funny Portlanders making up lectures on the spot—"TED Talk, startup pitch, even a self-help seminar" are all fair game—to accompany surprise slides and placate a team of judges. Next slide! MEGAN BURBANK
8 pm, Siren Theater, $10

Golden Retriever, Charlie Moses, Paper Gates
Tonight Charlie Moses celebrates the tape release of her new album, Figurine, which charges indie-pop melodies with the energy of lush strings, saxophone, and warm jazz progressions. Moses’ silky voice runs cool and smooth through the cinematic “Mother Mary,” and turns the Electric Prunes’ “Onie” into a psychedelic lullaby. Though parts of Figurine sound a bit too twee, tracks like “Flooded” prove Charlie Moses’ ability to approach songwriting like a musical architect. CIARA DOLAN
9 pm, The Fixin' To, $5

Reproductive Justice Panel & Happy Hour
The DSA’s feminist branch will host a panel of four speakers discussing reproductive justice and how the subject shifts when viewed through an intersectional socialist lens. Q&A with audience and time for socialization to follow. EMILLY PRADO
7 pm, Lucky Labrador Tap Room, free

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