PUBLISH--So your New Year's resolution included publishing your novella, starting your zine, or gathering together your collection of poems that are all dog-eared and sopping in the attic with the pictures of your ex? The IPRC is the way to do it. Cheap, easy, and totally fun, it's a center of self-publishing and writing, and this little function is a fantastic way to be introduced. KD New User Orientation, 917 SW Oak Street, #218, 7 pm, 827-0249, Free

THEATER--Imago, the local theater company that brought us some of the best productions Portland has ever seen (remember Frogs, Lizards, Orbs, and Slinkys?) is at it again: Oh Lost Weekend involves a 19-foot metallic cage, Queen Victoria, and 300 gallons of water. KD Fri-Sat at Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th, 224-8499, 7:30, $18.50


MUSIC--Okay, the album actually came out a little while ago, but why shouldn't The Places have a party to celebrate their gorgeous, muted, shining star of a first release? Your heart will be coddled by Amy and Ryan's gentle stylings. With Operacycle, Little Wings, films by Zak Riles. JS
Medicine Hat, 1834 NE Alberta, 282-4083, 9 pm


FILM--If you think films should be directed like a concise, beautiful string of photographs, then Jem Cohen's your director and his new film, Benjamin Smoke, is your documentary. It's poetic, musical, and touching, so bring a hankie. See Film pg 25 JS
Guild Theater, SW 9 & Taylor, 221-1156, 5 & 9:15 pm, $6.50

PERFORMANCE--This is why the First Amendment was written: A brewing stew of free expression, performance artists, dancers, hip-hop, and chaotic music. KBOO steps out from behind the dial to sponsor Boo Art, from the rip roaring violin of Noggin to Jennifer Robin's bizarre stage perform-ance as a sperm whale. PB
Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson, 6-11 pm, Donation Suggested


PUNK RAWK--Nostalgic for ye olde Punk Rock days of yore? Then don't miss this great lineup of Northwest punk legends from the '70s and early '80s! Featuring Poison Idea, The Lewd, Sado-Nation, The Styphnoyds, The Riffs, and Religious War, this all-ages event is an extremely rare opportunity to watch these grampys skank! And skank they WILL. WSH
Northwest Punk Legends Weekend, Meow Meow, 527 SE Pine, 9 pm, $10


FILM--Before she was eating bars and cars, Blondie was a sexy, mean and hard-thrashing punker at New York's gritty CBGB. A crash course in the early, murky days of American punk, Nightclubbing is five different, strongly versed and emotionally raw documentaries. Monday is a marathon of all five! PB
Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, series runs Friday-Monday, call for show times, $6


MUSIC--When everything else sucks, there's nothing like a bunch of incredibly dedicated musicians to remind you that at least we've got music. Especially when it's people who produce the glassy sounds of 31 Knots, and the voluminous, orchestral Swords/ Project--two local bands who rock because they aren't afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeve. KD
Pine Street Theater, 215 SE 9th Ave, 232-7861, 9 pm

FILM--It's a sad but true fact that lately most Hollywood releases have been sucking dead hippo ass. That's why people are flipping their teakettles over Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon--and with good reason! Mixing sensitive story-telling techniques with kick-ass fight sequences, CTHD is the chop-socky answer to our cinematic prayers. WSH
Cinema 21, 616 NW 21st, 223-4515, 4:00, 7:00, 9:30, $6


MUSIC--Strap a studded collar on a coal miner's daughter and kick her out onto stage: Presenting Neko Case! Sharp-edged two-step honky-tonk songs about hearts bloodied by fiendish boyfriends. Like a shot of tequila for the soul. PB
Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, $15, 9 pm