nov 22

DJ--Even though they change their name every other week (most recently from House of Grooves) let's give the people running the 13th Floor a chance to impress us. They feature electronic artists, like this evening's headliner, the never-touring legendary Chicagoan Larry Heard. And, unlike many other places in Portland, they actually encourage dancing! KS

13 Floor, 13 NW 13th Ave, 973-1563, 9 pm

RADIO--Hey America, thanks for the smallpox, thanks for government-sponsored genocide and, hey, extra thanks for those charming, feather-wearing squaws in the Macy's Day Parade. Now, get the other side of the story: A morning of history lessons and radical, political, Native American rock on KBOO. Although the heavy dose of white guilt may spoil the taste of your baked Indian squash at Thanksgiving dinner, today's dynamic show (hosted by Spider Moccasin) will give thanks to uncensored education. PB

Genocide Cover-Up Radio Special, KBOO, 90.7 FM, 9 am-noon


nov 23

FILM--With a handmade visual style that recalls the Brothers Quay, Hybrid makes the almost impossible case that nothing is more compelling than corn. A scratchy voice-over tells the story of Milford Beeghly, a pioneer in the development of hybrid corn seed. This bizarre, human, hilarious, and endlessly creative film is an absolute must-see. (See Film page 29) SN

Whitsell Auditorium, 1219 SW Park, 221-1156, 7 pm, $6.50

MUSIC--Since you're kicking yourself for not buying oil when it was cheap, you might want to minimize the time spent in your chilly-ass house. But don't rage every night--you'll get the sniffles. We suggest cozying up with a hot Irish coffee and Royal City's acoustic music, which is sophisticated enough to justify going out, no matter what the weather. MS w/ Pseudo Six, the Caleb Kaluder Band

Blackbird, 3728 NE Sandy, 282-9949, 9:30 pm, $6


nov 24

BREAKDANCING--Yep, it's true. Today, Oregon is going to see its first of many--we hope--big, fat, awesome breakdancing competitions. This particular bfabc consists of a $2000 b-boy battle, a $1000 emcee battle, and a $1000 deejay battle. Plus, it's hosted by rad local musician, DJ Zigzag. Dancers from all over the nation will be onsite and kickin' it. KD

Crystal Ballroom, 1331 W Burnside St, 225-0047, 4 pm-2 am, $12-15

CRAZY CABARET--Bored by the holidays? Then prepare to have your socks knocked off by The Dina Martina Holiday Show. Similar to an upbeat Las Vegas revue, as performed by Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, Dina takes the concept of "cabaret" and launches it into a hilariously new, whacked-out dimension. DO NOT MISS IT! (See Theater pg 24) WSH

Echo Theatre, 1515 SE 37th, 203-3305, 8 pm, ONE NIGHT ONLY, $14-17


nov 25

HOCKEY--Still scrappy and hard-hitting, the Winter Hawks have added a good dose of stick-handling and speed on the ice this season. Once the hapless thugs of amateur hockey, the hometown team is off to an impressive 9-3 start. Fill up your flask, hide it in your parka, get shit-faced, and act like a real hockey fan. PB

Memorial Coliseum, 1 Center Ct, 224-4400, 5 pm, $11-21.50


nov 26

THE LOUNGE--To all the MCs: You'll only get better through battling and freestyling, and tonight, there's a mic at Seges with your name on it. To all the non-MCs: There's a lot of talent at The Lounge--the beats are mellow, and the MCs are funny and smart. Female MCs are strongly encouraged to get up and spit. JS

The Lounge Freestyle Open Mic, hosted by the awesome DJ Famlee Fam & Rev. Shines

Seges, 818 SW 1st Ave, 279-0250, 9 pm, $5


nov 27

RED HOT KARAOKE--Ohhh, sure. You've worked up enough nerve to get up and sing in front of a room of drunks--but have you done it with FIRE? Tonight, Portland's newest hot spot, The Boiler Room, features host Jenn Fiendish spinning your karaoke faves, while twirling and eating fire! Wear your finest asbestos suit, folks! WSH

The Boiler Room, 228 NW Davis, 227-5441, 9 pm, free


nov 28

BOOKS--Edna O'Brien's books have been condemned, burned, and banned in her native Ireland. Despite such poopy responses, she went on to international success. So, whether or not you're an aspiring writer, take the chance to hear her speak. It might help you feel better about taking criticism, and inspire you to keep taking those sociopolitical leaps. MS

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, 1037 SW Broadway, 796-9293, 7:30 pm, $23

CONSPIRACY THEORY--Michael Ruppert worked for the LAPD and the CIA, and claims to have witnessed the shipping of drugs and weapons overseas by multi-national corporations, as well as the CIA itself. While having made attempts to expose his findings to the U.S. government, he has been continually ignored. Hear his insight on the Bush and bin Laden families, and their involvement in the oil industry. If you didn't think it was possible to hate Bush more than you do already, it is. KS

PSU Smith Center Ballroom, 1825 SW Broadway, 725-2965, 7 pm, $3 sug. dontation