THURSDAY, January 30

VIDEO GAMES--What makes the classic Atari games so riveting is that they require a healthy dose of imagination. Unlike contemporary video games with images as vivid as NFL video clips, Atari built its empire with a few monotone blips and clunky one-dimensional blobs. Tonight, play Atari games on the big screen, then watch a screening of 48 Hours, a movie about making a movie in 48 hours. PB
Nocturnal, 1800 E Burnside, 239-5900, 8 pm, $1-5

FRIDAY, January 31

GARAGE PUNK--Who's Swedish, sounds like the MC5, but swears that they're leagues apart from approaching Hives territory? That's right--Division of Laura Lee. It's difficult to say what makes their simplistic, raucous blend of dirt punk and flashdance so appealing, but they gets it done, and they gets it done right. DJH
w/Burning Brides, The Catheters, and The Out Crowd; Satyricon, 125 NW Sixth, 243-2380, 9:30 pm, $10 advance

HIPHOP--California emcees Planet Asia and Rasco deliver deep, forceful rhymes with a relaxed rap flow over the jazzy keyboards and horns supplied by producer Protest. The three make up The Cali Agents, and with every other West Coast magazine calling them the ones to watch, their shit is blowing up. So it sounds like you should probably watch 'em. KS
w/Cool Nutz, DJ Chill; Fez, 316 SW 11th, 224-TIXX, 9 pm, $13-15

OLIVIA NEWTON-WOW!--You don't have to be gay to love the cheesy perfection of Xanadu... but it helps. Olivia Newton-John plays muse to '80s hunk Michael Beck and 80-something Gene Kelly and their dream to build a roller disco! Add beer, chili, and a soundtrack from Electric Light Orchestra, and you've got a heckling good time! WSH
Mercury Winter Prozac Film Series, Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, 10 pm, $6

SATURDAY, February 1

MUSIC--If by some terrible, terrible accident I knock some poor girl up, I secretly look forward to telling my future child many a tale of the greatest band of our generation--Sleater-Kinney. Much like my hippie parents regaled me with tales of some guy named "Jerry" or that one time Dad took acid and hung out with the Flying Burrito Brothers, my kids will hear story after goddamn story about how incredible it was to see Sleater Kinney in their prime. CM
w/The Black Keys, Quasi; Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, 225-5555, ext. 8811, 9 pm, $10

SUNDAY, February 2

CATS--It's going to be a veritable feast of meows, purrs, yowls, and scratches at the Oregon Cat Fanciers' 36th annual cat show! Over 450 beautiful, sleek, furry, wonderfully obnoxious felines will be on display, with a panel of judges presenting awards to the best-looking cats. There's also a raffle for the spectators! Come ogle Oregon's most gorgeous kitties and win prizes. If you're lucky, one of the cats might even spray you! JWS
Portland Expo Center, 2060 N Marine Drive, 736-5200, 10 am-4 pm, $8

AHHHH!--In case you've failed to take note, methamphetamine addicts are freaking disgusting people. Ever enjoyed a psychosis? Now's your chance with Cookers, a film that is just like freaking out on meth, complete with the hallucinations and tracers. If you like being scared and mentally tormented, then step the hell up. MS
Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton, 238-8899, 2 pm (Sunday only), plus 7 & 9:15 nightly, $6

MONDAY, February 3

BUILDINGS--If the walls could talk, what would they say? We'll never know because walls can't talk, and even if they could, who would want to listen to them? Much better to look at the walls, like at OMSI's latest interaction art exhibit, Raise the Roof: An Exhibit About Buildings. Here, you can see buildings from around the world, from 9,000-year-old Turkish mud brick ruins to Mongolian yurts. You can also make your own buildings, look down the side of a 40-story 3-D skyscraper, and witness "Demolition Theater," wherein stuff gets knocked down. JWS
OMSI, 1945 SE Water Ave., 797-6674, 9:30 am-5:30 pm, $8

TUESDAY, February 4

DANTE'S ANNIVERSARY--It seems fitting that the dimly lit den of sin, Dante's, should celebrate their anniversary with sword swallowing, slutty burlesque, bellydancing, and fire juggling. It also seems fitting that a bunch of employee bands will be playing. And it will be totally fitting if the performers are all completely tanked. I mean it's their party first, right? KS
w/The Make-Out Scene, Gruesome Galore, more; Dante's, 1 SW 3 rd, 226-6630, 8 pm, $3

WEDNESDAY, February 5

MUSIC--Bob Log III has been busting nuts all over the world (Especially Japan! Yay Japan!), with his one-man, warp-speed blues music, funky helmets, and cute songs about pooping on people and tit-clapping. Not that you can understand a goddamn word, but it's muy divertido to go dancing with him. MS
w/Coachwhips & Hydro Guru; Blackbird, 3728 NE Sandy, 282-9949, 10 pm, $8

POWERPOINT--Andrew Dickson and Amos Latteier are two very inventive, talented fellows in the areas of art, film, and... ephemera. Tonight, their PowerPoint presentations are themed A Report on Pigeon Aerial Photography and An Evening with Bradlee, wherein dot-com casualty "Bradlee Simmons" gives an iBook slideshow about Portland and its many wonders... i.e. Fred Meyer. Hilarity will definitely ensue! JS
Central Library, 801 SW 10th, 988-5234, 7:30 pm, free