One of Portland's best-kept secrets is Reed Arts Week (RAW), the university's weekend-long multi-disciplinary art festival run entirely by students. Past RAWs have included big-deal performers like KRS-One and Miranda July, and while this year's festivities don't pack as much star power, there are still plenty of good events to fill your weekend culture quota. For the full lineup, check out

Eiko and Koma—Mourning (Kaul Auditorium, Sat March 3, 7:30 pm; Sun March 4, 2 pm) Those poor saps in New York have to wait until October to catch the world premiere of Mourning, the new dance work by Japan-born dancers Eiko and Koma, but RAW is bringing Portland a work-in-progress preview this weekend. Mourning finds the duo collaborating with Margaret Leng Tan, who will play both toy and grand piano to accompany this work about "the movement and history of Cambodian artists."

Digital Media Adventure (Reed Chapel, Fri March 2, 9 pm) One thing about computer nerds: The rare ones who break out of their fluorescent chambers and actually get into cool, artistic shit tend to leave us in the dust when it comes to straight hipness. One day they're making animated .gifs of Alf, the next day they're on some post-Paper Rad shit. See, for instance, YACHT and Hooliganship, two local electro-performance acts who will, uh, electrify you.

Liza Lou (Reed Chapel, Sat March 3, 5 pm) Liza Lou (also a MacArthur Genius) is most famous for her 1995 installation, Kitchen, in which she covered a life-size 1950s kitchen with more than 20 million(!) sparkly beads. This Saturday she gives us the world premiere of a new video piece, based on her upbringing in an evangelical household.

Red76—Learning Is Fun and Dangerous (activities all weekend long, call the Red76 hotline for details: 888-212-5652) In Red76's customary free-wheeling style, nobody's sure exactly what's going to transpire in this "open-formatted group-learning project," and that's pretty much the point. But they do promise readings, meals, walks, film screenings, field trips, and video chats. Kinda sounds like what you already had planned for the weekend, doesn't it?