The Space Between
Sally Finch Gallery 114
1100 NW Glisan Through March 31

Most artist studios I have visited are enveloped in chaos; piles of images, towers of paint tubes, etc., lie scattered about. However, after viewing the recent work of Sally Finch, I imagine her art space to be of immaculate order- tidy stacks of books, and a neat collection of thread and paper.

The recent MFA graduate from PSU weaves fragments of book text, plain paper and handwritten elements into meticulous grids. Words become the image, and slight color changes in paper and tonal shifts in text creates a nice optical play.

The results are appealing formal compositions. Pale, pastel hues of inks and paper dye are a pleasing mix and Finch unfolds a modern woman's embroidery- instead of presenting images of forest animals or seascapes, the pattern is a chaos of words.

In each of the diaristic works, Finch jams a veritable novella into the frame. This impulse presents a challenging puzzle for the viewer to unravel. Microscopic handwriting tends to bleed into scribbles, and the viewer is left to make connections between broken sentences and cryptic journal entries.

For example, in the piece "After the Surgery", Finch discloses text like "therapy", "blood volume" and "breakfast came at 8:00." What these fragments add up to is left unclear. Perhaps Finch is not interested in revealing too much information. Yet while Finch supplies an interesting platform for dialogue, her hesitation of disclosing succinct messages keeps the viewers from fully engaging with the work. p>