* Brad Adkins
Bothered by his own admission that the actual "making" of art is his least favorite part of the creative process, Adkins set out to actualize a few new sculptures, one of which should be the punch-drunk eye wear for fashion mavens across the city. PDX Window Project, 612 NW 12th, Through June 7

* Elliot Erwitt
Erwitt is one of the greatest point-and-shoot photographers of our time. Having been in the right places at the right times since the 1950's, and armed with an uncanny eye for tenderness and catlike reflexes, Erwitt has created an astonishing body of images that have permeated our collective conscience. SK Josefsberg, 403 NW 11 Ave, 241-9112, Through May 31

* eRacism
The longer you wait to see William Pope.L's hot dog and mayo installation at PICA, the worse that shit is going to stink. Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, 219 NW 12th, 242-1419, Through July 26

* Proof of Mermaids
Smelling like linseed oil and paint encrusted palette knives, Molly Vidor's still-wet canvases at PDX are triumphs of abstract paintings. Indebted to a generation of Post-Minimalist painters that include Pat Steir and Robert Mangold, Vidor re-ups the ante with shimmering surfaces, metallic colors, and bold, seductive expanses of negative space. PDX, 604 NW 12th Ave, 222-0063, Through June 7

* The Earth Seen From Above
Paul Ramirez Jones' solo exhibition explores themes of globalism and exploration with an unhurried sense of lackadaisical resignation. At it's centerpiece is Rocinante, a marvelous contraption resembling a satellite constructed from paint buckets, a reassembled drum set, and 20 bucks worth of Radio Shack gadgetry. Philip Feldman Gallery & Project Room, at PNCA, 1241 NW Johnson, 226-4391, Through June 14