* Alpha Helix for Linus Pauling
The view from the WaMu drive-through just got a lot better, thanks to a new sculpture from PNCA student Julian Voss-Andreae. The red public sculpture is based on the Alpha Helix, a discovery for which Portlander Linus Pauling won the Chemistry Nobel Prize in 1954. Voss-Andreae built the red, spiraling form in homage to Pauling, then planted it in front of the house where the chemist spent his teen years. Art meets science meets local history. Linus Pauling House, SE Hawthorne between 39th & 40th

* Anna Fidler
In addition to James Boulton's much-ballyhooed show at Pulliam Deffenbaugh, there is a lovely and lyrical exhibition of paper collages by Anna Fidler. Her rococo landscapes are delicate and vibrant, and are wonderfully complimented by a large-scale felt installation. Pulliam Deffenbaugh, 522 NW 12th Ave, 228-6665, Through May 29

* Group Exhibition
All signs point to this May show being a great exhibition, featuring the work of Cynthia Star, Sara Lund, Zak Margolis, and Tara Jane O'Neil. Pacific Switchboard, 4637 N Albina, 233-2787, Through May 30

* 3 Channels
The tag team of Ryan Jeffery and Ethan Rose has been creating haunting, beautiful video/audio installations for three years. This time around, designer Michael Bauch joins the fray with a welcome architectural element. The result is 3 Channels, a much deserved feature slot in the never-boring Portland Building. Portland Building Lobby, 1120 SW 5th, May 17-June 11

* Keys to the Koop
Treat yourself to a big-city art experience in little old Marylhurst with this great show that features some cool work by Kara Walker, Roy Lichtenstein, Tad Savinar, and Red Grooms. OK, so Red Grooms isn't all that cool, but almost everyone else is. Marylhurst Art Gym, 17600 Pacific Hwy., 699-6243, Ends Friday

The Haptic Object
Daniel Fagereng's absurdly ornamental faux-electric guitar is a hilarious riff on utility, art, and music. PDX Window Project, 612 NW 12th, Through June 5