A Conversation With Kristy Edmunds
Oooh, this sounds fun! Ever wanted to ask bi-hemispherical art festival coordinator and PICA founder whether she prefers Pizza Schmizza or Pizzicato? Or her thoughts on John Edwards? Maybe you're curious about the phrase "exploring stillness," which you'll be hearing a lot come TBA time. Whatever your fantasy conversation with Kristy Edmunds may be, here's your chance to turn that dream into reality. PICA at the Weiden + Kennedy Atrium, 224 NW 13th Ave, Thursday, 6 pm, $3, free for PICA members

* Bwana Spoons
Portland's brilliant Cheech Wizard, the incomparable Bwana Spoons is showing some new doo-doo at cool clothing outlet Local.35. DJ Entropy is spinning and all the threads are on sale, so check it out, nizzles. Local.35, 3556 SE Hawthorne, Thursday, 7-11 pm

* Scratch
You can't throw a rock in Portland this year without hitting a group drawing show, but to smack a really good one, you'd need a pitch long enough to reach St. John's. Haze Gallery is showing the work of six artists, including the awesome James Boulton, the unaccountably popular Joe Biel, and the oh-so radically named Steingrimur Eyfjord. Haze Gallery, 6635 N. Baltimore Ste. 211, 503-283-6863, Through August 28

Welcome to the Bar, Raise Your Glass and Sheets of Compulsion
The press release for this exhibition says that "Martin Ryzur and Kevin Hollis are emerging artists who are producing art more for themselves than for an audience." Hmmm. So I guess they don't care if we go to their show or not. Gallery 500, 420 SW Washington, Suite 500, 223-3951, Through Aug. 27

Refracted Movement
The vibrant, late-'70s digital colors used in Brad Carlile's dreamlike photographs are either horribly cheesy or super retro-cool. Head down to Pushdot and decide for yourself. Pushdot Studio, 833 NW 14th, 224-5925, Through Aug. 27