* A Photographer's Love of Life
So while Edward Weston may have been great at what he did as a proto-Bohemian Modernist, his artwork is about as irrelevant to photography today as anybody out there. There's no reason for this exhibit to exist. There's more than enough scholarship out there on the man, there's not much left to discover about the guy, and almost none of his approaches or ideas pertain to today's discussions. But oh yeah, his work is easy on the eyes and he has good name recognition. Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave, 226-2811, Through Nov. 26

* Everything is Great Here, Maybe
New Gallery on the block The New American Art union opens this weekend, and it's conveniently located right around the corner from the Jupiter Hotel, where all of Portland's art lovers should be this weekend. NAAU's debut show comes from Ty Ennis, whose endearing illustrative ink drawings explore metaphors of melancholy, youth, and memory. New American Art Union, 922 SE Ankeny St., 231-8294, Opens Friday, 7-10 pm. Through Oct 31

* The Bambi Effect
The Bambi Effect is the enviro-lingo term for the feelings viewers get when they see defenseless animals killed or harmed. In other words, it's base, emotional manipulation on the same level as using 9/11 footage for political advancement or using pornography to make a guy horny. It's also the name of this deer-themed show at Savage, whose press release name-drops the band Deerhoof. Nice! Savage Art Resources, 1430 SE Third Ave, 230-0265, Through Nov. 30

OFB's Learning Garden
When I saw that I had mail from the Oregon Food Bank, I thought "that's odd. I'm hungry as I read this." But they weren't offering me any food, just an invitation to an art show that features over 20 artists dealing with food themes, selling crafts, and educating the public about hunger. Oregon Food Bank, 7900 NE 33rd Dr., Thursday, 5-8 pm

Process Invisible-Results are Visual
Ashley Montague and Old Dirty Klutch, the artists behind last year's Vinyl Killers, pull double duty as street-art advocates who feel their medium is unjustly maligned in the US. This month, they bring an installation of cutting edge graffiti and wheat-paste art from nearly 4000 artists into the Goodfoot for a new large-scale installation. Goodfoot, 2845 SE Stark, Opens Thursday, 5-11 pm, through Oct. 26