The four local artists in Intermission--Nate Hudson, Annette Bryan, Dennis Dread, and Markus Wolff--work in darkly illustrative veins, pulling influences from vintage comic books, heavy metal artists, and nightmare fantasies. Optic Nerve Arts, 1829 NE Alberta St. #11, December 10 - Jan. 25 Reception Friday, 6:30

The press release for Pygmalion boasts that photographer Daniel Love uncloaks the female figure from sex, shame, and the trappings of daily life in his series of nudes. Pause Gallery, 625 NW Everett St. 110, 503-888-7895, Through Jan. 1

* X-Mass is Weird
The Junktown Art Collective shows and sells their scrappy, folksy Christmas-themed artwork. The Cartoon Bungalow, 5050 NE Grand, 234-7148, Saturday 10 am - midnight

* The Greatest Vendor Show on Earth
A must for anyone into graphic design. Over 20 vendors in the marketing communications industry will hawk wares from the worlds of paper, photostock, and printing. Plus, notable book jacket designer-turned-novelist Chip Kidd will lecture at 8 pm on the works he's done for David Sedaris, Cormac McCarthy, and more, then sign copies of his book The Cheese Monkeys. Portland Center for Performing Arts, 1111 SW Broadway (at Main), 432-2917, Thurs 6-9 pm, $10-15