ERIKA MOEN'S new sex-toy review site Oh Joy Sex Toy is more than just "sex positive"—it's sex enthusiastic, sex euphoric, sex giddy. Moen is a Portland cartoonist, and in her illustrated reviews she serves as a cheerful, pink-haired guide to buttplugs, vibrators, lube, and plenty more. To help with her investigations, she deploys a gender-neutral cast of cartoon helpers called the "Masturbateers," representing an array of races and body types. The result is informative, funny, pointedly inclusive, and above all, fun. We sat down with Moen at Periscope Studio, where she is a member, to talk about the project.

VOCAB—"When I say 'sex,' I don't mean genitals slamming against each other. I mean the world of erotica—sex clubs, strip clubs, anything that has to do with sensuality, sexuality, and boners."

BODIES—"If you look around in the mainstream media, if you look on Tumblr, even, what you're dominantly seeing are white, fit bodies. I think it's really important to show diversity. It's also a way for me to examine my privilege, or to look outside my privilege."

TOYBOX—"My favorite is always gonna be the Hitachi Magic Wand, that is old faithful. I like the Njoy buttplugs, and I like my VixSkin dildo. Pretty basic, nothing too complicated. A vibrator for my clit, a heavy, solid toy for my butt, and a really nice cock. And that kind of covers my bases. All my orifices are covered, at least from the waist down."

BACKSTORY—"[My first vibrator] was the Silver Bullet. It cost $9.95, and I took it home in a brown paper bag and just put it in the bottom drawer of my bureau. And one night I took it out and touched it to my labia—it wasn't even the full clit, it was just the outer labes. And I had my first orgasm. [Before that] I never thought about my body, it was just something that took me from place to place, like a car. That was the first time I really loved my body—and that was amazing, it was transforming."

CREDENTIALS—"I'm not a professional educator, I'm just a sex fan."

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