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A Mount Tabor Mansion Goes into Foreclosure—and Becomes a Temporary Artists' Colony


***WAKEUP*** Guidance Counselor live now
Local ad exec falls on hard times, looks to exploit Portland music scene as a means to get back on top. Portland music scene becomes a Budweiser commercial
oh, come onnn you cynical grumps. it's not a documentation of the music scene, and no one is getting paid- no commercial profit.
Sounds fun and is a great idea to crash and burn with a smile and a bunch of friends and music
Wait, some guy made tons of money in marketing, lost everything, has everyone in the art community running to "be heard" (really?), a film is being made, and you're telling me money isn't going to be involved in the equation? Someone cue the circus music......
correction: Dragging an Ox through Water is NOT slated to play at this particular mansion.
Charles is not an ad exec. He is a filmmaker who also directs commercials. Just like Spike Jonze, the Coen Brothers and fellow Portlanders Chel White and Matt McCormick.

It's also worth noting that in a city full of 20 somethings one of the most interesting events to happen in the last year is being put on by a guy in his 40s.

Dude, Wittenmeir is no Coen, Jonze or otherwise. He's just another fat douche that moved here from LA and continues to stink up the place with his blend of sell-out opportunistic mediocrity. The guy has about a 30 second attention span.
jordan kinley is such a big fat jerk
jordan kinley is such a big fat jerk
rocky tinder is an ass clown with a terrible mustache. he's such a 20 something party hipster. and he owes me child support.
@banana Ohhh Emmm GEEEE so good. you really bring out the truth about these exploiters. jeez i can't believe some one would actually do this. what a bunch of fags. why is this even being written about? who cares. they are just going to get a big bag of cash and run back to LA. KEEP PORTLAND REAL! WHOOOOHOOO!
@iwouldprefernotto dude! totally. hahaahaha fatty fat kins. so good. i hate fat people and all those 20 something hipsters at house parties. they should throw away their vinyl and get jobs.
i think keeping the "fat douche" comments out would make your statement a little more respectable. it has absolutely nothing to do with his person.

but to add add again to the discussion, the money-making aspect is only a secondary concern as it is yet-to-be-seen what actually happens in the future. as for the immediate future, what i have to say is that one of the greatest parts about living in this town is that people live a life of creativity that's untainted by the rock-stardom reality tv show nonsense that has inevitably struck every other similar epicenter of art and culture. when you start turning people's lives into a reality show, people's reasons for doing what they're doing change. it slowly ceases to be less about making things that fulfill people's lives and becomes more of a way to get your name known or get your face seen. of course, to some people this goes unnoticed, or it is negligent or perhaps what they like. and of course, some people thrive on exploiting this.

i also have very little hope that anyone coming from such a wealthy background understands the mentality and content that a poor artist produces. its all a matter of perspective on life, and if you don't understand what i'm saying then we have very little in common to communicate about.

it has been said that "people get the government they deserve", and perhaps it is true that they get the arts culture they deserve as well.
burnt out hasbeen corporate ding dong: "Hey "kewl" youth, can you make my bullshit empty life i've thusfar squandered deepthroating the cock of materialism seem like it meant something now that i have to face the reality millions of peasants err people have been living every day of their lives while i've been snorting caviar and pushing units?"

"artist": "of course, i'll stroke your ego if you stroke mine, my mom sez my art is important!"

burnt out hasbeen corporate ding dong: "call the mercury! this could be the most farcical yawn of a "happening" since flash mobs!!!!"
Let's see, the documentary is about a man who is losing everything and where does he go from there? Didn't he just move into a 2600 square foot house and hire a live in nanny? Hard times indeed. So nice to see all of the entitled gathered where mother and child once slept. If art is creating a hippy type commune knowing full well that you are destroying a mother's memories, then you have hit the nail on the head. Good job kids. Way to think of anyone but yourselves.
that mansion sucks and the people involved seem desperate to convince people of their meaningful lifestyle and existence. step foot in this place and your image will be used to promote spewing bullshit.

not even worth checking out.
Fun,fun,FUN !!!!!Why the grumps?
We all USE and ABUSE !!!! Is there really anything original anymore?
Tt seams like everyone on this comment bored has only a few points to make, 1. what a bunch of sell outs, and 2. how stupid and pathetic.
its very obvious that our world has come to a place where to many voyers it seams like most involved are doing it for personal self gain or stupid capitalistic reasons. and it makes alot of sense that there are people who are bitter and against this for many a reason. but there is something that all of us know and that is our drive as part of humanity and community, to be apart of something bigger then our selfs, and to create things in our life and for friends and family, and to make life good, for not many things are handed to you.if you wanna tell your part of the story, or give your opinion that is your right. but from a perpective of a creative stand point, the people i see creating things and putting in serious work are doing it not for commercialism or a doc, or anything exept doing it. if you want to be an asshole because that is easy to justify your life, then i guess this is the perfect place to do it with no reprocussions.
Did evolveorsedate just call us assholes in the perfect place to do it without repercussions? did he just do what he was criticizing everyone else for doing?
It doesn't seam that he is trying to be malicious, it looks like he is trying to get a point across, the reprocussions wether or not in real life or the internet would only involve conversation and discussion. there seams to be reprocussions here for evolve, for even suggesting a positive light would bring someone to derive the most negitive.
And contradicting himself, which it looks like he did, also proved a point that the only thing that someone can come up with against the opinion that it had justification for its happening, is singling out the one thing that was not involved in the project, being the little diss at the end.
Who wouldn't want to take the opportunity to record and be creative in a mansion. Great way to deal with a negative situation.
fun times.
Charles is a friend of mine. I personally had an opportunity to work with the man and he is greatly misunderstood. He has much to share, and those who are keen on growing and refining thier craft (whatever that may be) will be open to the opportunity to learn from him and his life. I was unable to make the event but I thought it was courageous of him to open up his life to others and to allow what he loves (artistic energy) to help him through trying times. Lets not discourage each other from sharing.

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