Bikes Jun 15, 2009 at 12:09 pm


Since I feel like being a hater today, will people in Portland ever do anything interesting not involving beards and bicycles?
So, was this "good naked" or "bad naked"?
It was hells of fun Blabbs.

"Funny" highlights for me:

1.Drunk guys yelling "Show us yer Tits" at thousands of already naked men and women.

2.A well groomed guy with long very coifed silver hair ranting at people from the street car platform on Lovejoy and 21st "You people are scum ....we live in a civilization" while taking pictures with his cameraphone.

Apparently stroke material of barbarians at play is quite alright.
For the most part "good", although it was a damn large crowd, so there was a little bit of everything, really.
It's like smirk is stalking me. Thursday She shows up at the dive bar I'm drinking at. Naked bike ride (which I don't think she even hit up, which isn't too bad because the pre-party was made of fail and lose) Then something about Scrappers and the Grass Hut (granted I just met Scrappers and then he told me that he didn't think I'd like pork chops, WTF? Not like pork chops? WTF?) then I see her roll by on a tandem bike in the Pearl while I was trying on shoes.

Fucking knock it off smirk. You are not allowed to pull this crap on me. Go back to wherever it is that you go when you're not stalking me. This isn't funny any more.
Abusive, that guy told me I was "a shame to my grandmother!" So great.
HA! Everyone who passed by him was LOL-ing in the extreme.

@ Graham - you fool no one! Porkchops are gross!
"Apparently stroke material of barbarians at play is quite alright."

Best sentence of the week!
Wow, this is crazy! Portland has a bunch of really ugly naked people! Where are all the pretty people?
I could care less who gets naked where and with whom but explain to me the point of riding a bike naked?
Im throwing a Naked Bike Ride pre party at Entrust Hair & Fashion, 2306 NE Glisan St, saturday from 7-9pm. Come hang out, we will have music, beer, good times and then will leave around 9pm to head to the starting location for the ride.

Entrust Hair & Fashion
2306 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97232

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