Remember on Saturday night when 5,000 people rode naked through downtown and no one got arrested? Remember how there was one guy who refused to have fun, a Chastity Crusader who walked through the bike ride filming people and yelling, "Your grandmothers are ashamed of you!"?

Well Hallelujah! The nutcase put his footage online! Here's how he explains his obsession with naked Portland bike riders:

"Culture vandals took to the streets tonight to express their hatred for Christian culture and the moral culture their parents believed in... A silly naked man standing next to me natters to me that "our civilization is based on mutual respect." ... But our civilization is based primarily on MORALITY. And the whole point of his nakedness, and the crowd's, was to show DISRESPECT for the moral culture around them, and they disrespected everyone in town."

Apparently his definition of respectful "Christian moral culture" is yelling "Get raped, degenerate scum!" at passing Portlanders.

Clearly the Chastity Crusader is a total closet case who needs to get laid. Here are the facts:

Fact #1: Turns out he has a weirdo celibacy website which includes such classic rants as "Porn is Weapon Used By Jews Against Gentiles."

Fact #2: The guy RUNS up to meet the ride, obviously aching to get a glimpse of the action before it passes him by so he can film it for his purely gentile porn stash.

Fact #3: As he's talking to the cute, polite volunteer, the Chastity Crusader clearly can't help but check out the kid's junk, panning the camera down and then whoops! back up again quickly.

Q.E.D, dude needs to get laid. Big thank you to Abusive for the link.

UPDATE: Oh my God, oh my God, scroll down through the comments for a hilarious response from the Chastity Crusader's friend. It includes the line, "What occurred in downtown Portland the other night was a repulsive event, and people need to know its true extent. In any event, the genitalia of the effeminate male in question was mercifully shrouded in shadow, so its pretty obvious you are not being sincere in your allegation."