This is rad. But why stop with summer? Put a permanent 2 story canopy over the street and make it all pedestrian, all the time. Part can be a bike corral. With 2 stories, it could be a great outdoor movie theater with the screen at one end. Widen the sidewalk outside the Brit tavern to the oyster bar on 2nd so cars in the left lane don't come up blind on taxis and pedestrians in front of Shanghai, Berbatis and XV.
R's got a kickass idea, there. A covered alley there should be a cool landmark for that part of town.
R has the right idea. Put in the removable posts so the businesses can get goods in/trash out in the wee hours of the morning. The street is utterly worthless for traffic and the 12 parking spots aren't really that essential.
The summer close off is temporary. It is being used as a way to understand what sorts of things need to be tweaked with for the future. Throughout the months, many things will be discussed as to what needs to be done for a permanent closing. So dontcha fret!
Sell the street vacation to the businesses for $750,000 I think that is about market.

This proves that business can pay $9000 each for their bike corals.
Actually Rosy, street vacations are free, not sold. Though there would probably be hella fees. But the city hates to do them. I'm thinking something like this:… at the Smithsonian or…
That is 0.2 acres of land in downtown Portland worth $750,000 so free street vacation is theft of public property.
The street right of way is deeded from the adjacent property to the city. If the street is vacated, it reverts to the adjacent property. You can check into it if you like.
Carefree streets for all!
@Rosy - And it might still be public property. You'd still be allowed to walk and bike down it; it could be a big sidewalk instead of a small street, with no loss of public property.

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