Maybe she should check with businesses around to see if they had any surveillance cameras that may have recorded the vehicle.
That entire stretch of Couch needs to be redesigned. How many collisions have occured on there?
Thanks Sarah! The crash, however, occured on Wednesday morning. aprillorraine, checking surveillance cameras is a great idea. Thanks everybody!
@Graham It's pretty sketch over there. I've taken to going down Ankeny and then sidewalking to the bridge. Especially the right turn onto Grand and the right from MLK. It's ridiculous that they have the bike lanes all the way up Burnside but they're so crappy on Couch.
Wait. Did Laura Stanger email the picture, or did you go to the hospital to take it?
Glad she wasn't hurt worse. If she's gonna sue the miscreant someday (assuming they're caught) this pic may not help with the "pain and suffering" aspect, though. I'm not saying that to be mean, just pointing it out.
I don't know Todd. The "clearly in a cast, laying in a hospital bed" thing looks fairly compelling.

I hope they find the person responsible. And I hope the city realizes what a horrible idea that piece of road is.
Don't get caught in the couch.
I was talking with a PBOT guy once and he told me that they purposefully put right-hook possibilities into infrastructure because the crashes would be less damaging than other options.

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