The City of Portland has a special permit process for art bike racks that has led to a lot of hilarious designs popping up recently. Here I've gathered together the 10 I think are the most surprising. There are dozens more around town, though, so feel free to disagree. Here we go!

1. WWJD? Ride a bicycle, of course, to the Lutheran church on NE 14th and Knott.

  • Jim Waigand

2. This new whisk outside Saint Cupcake.

3. Choose your gender outside Planned Parenthood's northeast headquarters.

4. I love this Easter Island totem rack made for tiki-themed karaoke bar the Alibi.

5. I ride past this one every day on SE Ankeny and I still have no idea what it is. I think it's a software company?

6. Dentist bike rack!

7. This rack isn't as well known as its four-eyed friend, but it's always struck me as far more bizarre.

8. The Fremont Bridge rack. Beautifully made—I think a lot of people don't realize this is a rack.

9. Northwest mountain rack! I'm pretty sure this is the one at the carts on 12th and Hawthorne.

10. And, of course, the bicycle bike rack.