What does Sunday Parkways even cost?
I love Sunday Parkways and have participated in the North Portland leg the past two years, but I don't know how much it really does to promote anything, let alone safety. If anything, closing the streets down, and thus, creating a consequence-free riding experience might give people the impression that biking in their neighborhood is safer than it actually is.

Either way, it seems like cutting back, rather than gutting the whole thing, would make the most sense.
When you can't pay for important things, don't pay for unimportant things.

"Carl Larson, a bicycle educator with Bicycle Transportation Alliance..."

"Bicycle educator." Ha ha. Are you sure it wasn't Fred Armisen playing a role?
I love Sunday Parkways and have participated in at least one each year. I also use my bike for everyday transportation a lot. With that said, Sunday Parkways is an awesome, big party. I really wonder how many people ride in Sunday Parkways to never ride again. I hate to say it but in tough budget times it is hard to support throwing parties when we can maintain safe streets and sidewalks which promote a lot of fitness.

It would be great if more private businesses who benefit from the potential revenue streams would step up. Kaiser does. Keen, Nike, Adidas, REI, Trek, etc could step up and pay for a larger portion of this event.
At least Saltzman is showing common sense in these tough fiscal times.
I think much of the cost of the event is in the overtime paid to police officers. For whatever reason, this isn't treated as part of the police bureau's normal duties.
I vote that Sunday Parkways become more like Critical Mass. Who needs funding? We just need people!
Safety awareness gives more safety bang-for-the-buck than physical infrastructure. Several of the cyclists who were hit and killed in the last 5 years were riding 100% legally in bike lanes. I know for certain that some families have become more bike-and-foot transportation oriented after experiencing Sunday Parkways.
Blabby, from what I understand, Carl goes to schools and teaches kids about safe cycling. Thus, "bicycle educator."

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