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Tips for the Aspiring Cheek-to-Seat Set


Thanks for this. I blew a tire on the WNBR a few years ago, on NW 21st. No patch kit, AND I'd left my keys, wallet and most of my clothes at the kickoff party site -- and I was quite a long distance from home. VERY fortunately, a couple of bikers with better planning skills stopped and helped me and I rejoined the ride within a few minutes. (Heckling fratboys - hilarious when you're moving and surrounded by hundreds of people, but kind of scary when it's just you and two other naked-ish people trying to fix a flat.) Now I pack a patch kit, keys and sometimes a change of clothes in my panniers pretty much every time I ride my bike.

Anyway, WNBRers, if you end up needing any kind of help on the ride - ask for it as soon as you need it and accept it when it is offered. Even if you feel sheepish because you came unprepared or feel like you should know how to fix the problem in question on your own, it's way safer to be embarrassed for a few minutes than to get separated from the ride.

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