Well. Hello more car share/bike lanes and good-bye Trimet.
^^^Yes, because the PBOT Director runs TriMet. Not very many people know that.
So I guess the director of PBOT has nothing to do with TriMet....
Keep digging, tcraighenry.
"and a Siberian husky that likes to sing."

There's no digging here. She's one of the typical bullshit "cycling enthusiasts" who spouts bullshit about sustainability. I'll bet Maus is jacking himself off into a frenzy right now. Notice how nothing in her blurb talks about public transportation.

She also confesses that she knows nothing about Portland or our transportation issues. But hey, at least we got someone other fucking out of towner that wanted to move here in 2008 because it's their spiritual home or some stupid shit. The least the city could have done was actually interview and hire a serious candidate.
Also, the City of Portland has little governance over TriMet:

It's a state agency and Kitzhaber is the one pulling the strings.
PBOT and TriMet allegedly work together to meet city transportation needs and finance. And frankly, TriMet needs all the fucking oversight and pressure we can give it right now.

I also love how she calls the staff at PBOT a bunch of downtrodden assholes and then says "well maybe it's just my perception."

This is going to go well.
From her LinkedIn account. So, much, bullshit.

Skilled executive with record of success in fast-paced, results oriented environment where teamwork and accountability are core values.
Portland ---> Alta ---> Chicago ---> Alta ---> Portland. Super. Just super.
The hilarious thing is tcraighenry accusing someone else of knowing nothing about our transportation issues. Wonderful.

Also, you are so ridiculously wrong about everything you have said on this thread. Why don't you go ahead and go jack off into a frenzy?
Wait. What am I wrong about? That PBOT works directly with TriMet?…

There's a document from the PDC talking about PBOT and TriMet working together for the LRT project.

Or that I quoted her LinkedIn directly? Or pointed out that she's not a resident and said, in her quote, that she feels like public transportation employees are demoralized but could be wrong?

I know reading is fun.
1. That you used her status as a nonresident to entirely disqualify her from the job she was selected for out of 44 applicants.

2. That you think the director of PBOT has anything to do with TriMet. Working together on a light rail line involves managerial expertise of things like right-of-way transfers, etc. It does not involve policymaking--the jurisdiction of the City Council--nor any input or control over the workings of TriMet or its board. Claiming that she will have any ability to change the way TriMet works or to favor one type of transportation over another displays a monumental lack of understanding of the roles of governments, the city's structure and the history of PBOT.

3. The "demoralized" quote is one that has been tossed around in audit after audit of PBOT. It's not her assessment; it's her understanding of one of the major issues at the agency that has been written about many times here and elsewhere.

1. "She confessed to having only a rough familiarity with the Rose City—she's visited a friend here five or six times—and so wasn't prepared to answer specific questions about our transportation challenges."

2. So just a quick look around and lo! I can find two examples of TriMet and PBOT working together that aren't LRT.

- PBOT and TriMet are supposedly (or were in 2011) working together for yet another attempt at a bike sharing system.

- They jointly subsidize Streetcar fares and gave the Streetcar $5.5 million (or will) for FY 2012-2013

PBOT, city council, PDC and TriMet all work together to prioritize transportation issues. So tell me how I'm misunderstanding?

3. Pressed on that, Treat said her sense is that the city's transportation workers "are not empowered or feel disenfranchised or are disgruntled, or something is missing in terms of their morale." She continued: "I want them to feel valued in the work they contribute. I want them to be proud."

So tell me again how I'm not understanding this situation.
As far as Maus jizzing himself goes. Her one accomplishment at CDOT was to implement bike sharing. The person who took her place is looking to fix potholes and public transport.
God, you are hilarious. Someone upthread told you to stop digging and here we are. Pass the popcorn.
I'm excited about this pick. She has been involved in some great, successful projects elsewhere, and it will be great to see if she can bring some follow through to our city and its big dreams and multitude of plans.
Awww, I been trolled :(
All I can say is that this is a typical Portland move, to bring in an unknown outsider with 'qualifications', when there are already plenty of qualified local candidates.

How well has that worked out for the city in the past (can you say Chief Moose, Chief Kroeker, and what, half a dozen school superintendents)?

Pass the severance package, please.

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