U-Lock, moron!!!
I'm sure Mr. Elmore was just passing through. I'd be shocked to learn of any sort of any illegal, nay even untoward, activity amongst those noble campers.
Bikes! It's a thing. Look into it.

Babygorilla, I'm sure he just innocently thought he was "holding it for a friend." Those naive road warriors are constantly being grifted by slick city folk.
Not to excuse the thieves, but three times?! THREE?!! And, at least in this most recent instance, the bike was left overnight in the downtown area with nothing but a cable lock?! Baffling.

Also, don't name your bike.
I guess she's just a slow learner. Or subconsciously trying to lose the bike.
To be fair, I think the previous incidents involved thefts from her garages at home.

So, she apparently preaches the bike cult line, but since she uses a cable lock, doesn't really live it. Shocking for a planning / policy type, I know.
Blabby, you know perfectly well it's OK to name your bike as long as it's a Dante reference (Orwell is OK too).
If I ran PBOT I'd have a secret door installed in the Portland Building, Batgirl-style, and then I'd ride right into my personal bike garage and land on a rotating turntable so the bike is pointed back out when I'm ready to leave.
Frivolity aside, the point here isn't that the bike's been stolen three times, it's that she got it BACK three times.

Lots of people have had three bikes stolen --so the idea that she's a "slow learner" or careless with her bike is a cheap shot.

Be nice to her --she doesn't yet know about our kind of "humor."

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