The vehicle didn't "plow" into anybody. Corkett hit the side of the turning vehicle.
The truck must have gone over him somehow, you don't lose a leg bouncing off the side of a truck.
It seems like adding an arrow to the lights on 26th would help to improve safety at this extremely auto/pedestrian/bike busy Powell intersection. As a Cleveland HS parent I am a daily witness to cars taking dangerous measures trying to turn left onto Powell from both sides of 26th. I actually avoid using 26th completely because it gets so insane.

Terrible that Corkett was a victim of such a awful accident! And thanks to Dan for trying to make this spot safer!
Here's how to help:
At a certain point aren't ODOT and PBOT liable for negligence? How many studies do they need that conclusively show people are maimed and killed here before doing something?
Geez, this isn't actually the most dangerous stretch of Powell, historically speaking.
This is a tragedy, nothing more or less, as bad as it is.
Actually it is a pretty tragically dangerous stretch, especially for peds and cyclists. I'm not sure where you could possibly imagine it to be more dangerous.…
I find it fascinating how everyone loves to blame the government agency that owns the road and not the shitty, negligent, distracted drivers (and occasionally the shitty bicyclists). The only way ODOT and PBOT are responsible for this (and other accidents) is if they were behind the wheel. Place the blame where it truly lies and stop looking for a government scape goat.
I don't see why slowing down Powell is the only suggestion -- maybe because it's cheap? I would much rather see a dedicated pedestrian/bike bridge somewhere on Powell between 21st and 33rd. Anywhere close to Cleveland High would be ideal. I have to commute across Powell daily by bike, and as it is, there is no protected place to cross, and there is a high volume of cars even at 5:30am. The pedestrian bridge near 9th is fine if you're going to/coming from the Brooklyn Neighborhood, but everything east and south of that is cut off by the train yard until Holgate, which is almost as dangerous and bike-unfriendly as Powell. Obviously people should drive/bike carefully and attentively, but it's safer for all if we have options to stay out of the way.
If I remember it correctly, those turn lanes coming off of 26th don't (or didn't) have green arrow signals, do they? Those lanes always get incredibly backed up.
A part of the problem is in the intersection's layout. Crossing Powell on foot, you get an uneasy sense of how damn wide it is. When you're on the crosswalk you see cars speeding up to get to the median, rather than cautiously approaching it. PERILOUS.

An elevated crosswalk sounds pretty unrealistic. I can see a pedestrian island at the median as being at least a little safer. But the school and the park and the pissed off, short-sighted commuters formula has got to be more expensive than a little reengineering.

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