It's been just a few short months since Hazel Cox and business partner Genevieve Dellinger shuttered the much-loved Denwave boutique in the bustling 811 E Burnside, and opened her solo venture, Hazel Grayslayer in the same building. She's since been juggling her substantial wholesale business and store hours, using Grayslayer double duty as studio and shop, where she sells her genius line of accessories (for pets, too!). This afternoon, however, she was pleased to tell me that she is closing the 811 location at the end of this month and moving her operation to a private studio, where she plans to hold open studios, most likely the first of which will be open only to clients and friends, but with the eventual goal of making them open to the public. Local designers turning their focus back to making without retailing is turning into a trend, apparently, and one that seems to be making them happier and healthier.


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