The Famous Mysterious Actor is back! The indescribable talk show phenomenon takes the stage tonight at Berbati's for his talk-show-slash-spoof-of-talk-shows. If you've never seen Famous, he's kind of hard to describe without sounding like utter nonsense. He wears a ski parka and a Mexican wresting mask, talks in a high-pitched squeak, and guzzles pixie stix onstage. For some, it's comedy, for others, it's excruciating, puzzling and annoying. I missed Famous on his first round of live shows a few years ago, but I watched his short-lived Comcast TV show, which was taken off the air far too quickly. I also caught him at the Supertrash Film Festival a few months back, and his absolutely bizarre appearance during the Bridgetown Comedy Festival at the Eagles Lodge, where his surrealist humor utterly bewildered the elderly Eagles in attendance. He performed last week at Dante's, and at tonight's show at Berbati's he'll sit down with mayor-elect Sam Adams for what is certain to be a strange, uncomfortable, irrelevant, and totally hilarious interview.

I know people who hate Famous and insist he's not funny. They're wrong. It's absurdism taken to a nearly confrontational degree, framed within the familiar medium of a late-night TV talk show. It's a unique and utterly "Portland" experience. Plus, there's candy. I feel like explaining his schtick is pointless and useless, and just bound to be confusing, so let me say that I, for one, have missed Famous and am thrilled he's back.

Berbati’s Pan, 10 SW 3rd, 9 pm, $8